Haunted Hotels of the South

"If the dead can't rest in peace, how on Earth can the living? "

There are several haunted hotels of the south. The Southern region of the United States has been identified as the most distinct when it comes to culture. Not only do the individuals of this region believe so, several other individuals located throughout the United States also hold this belief. Many of the Southerners nurture the idea that they have an identity that is all of their own and unique compared to other regions of the United States. Keeping this in mind, and the fact that the Southern states have such a unique history, it is no wonder that the south is considered to have the most haunted hotels in the United States.

The Southern states have a rich and culturally diverse history. In the year of 1500, the city of St. Augustine, Florida which is known as the “Nation’s Oldest City” was founded by the Spanish and by the time that 1565 rolled around, the first white settlement which was considered to be permanent settled in the area. This particular location has a tremendous amount of haunted places – especially haunted hotels. While this is just one example of the age of the nation and the diverse culture of the south, there are many cities located throughout the United States that are considered to be extremely haunted. It just so happens that what is considered to be the oldest and most haunted city is located in the south.

The south is known for many things throughout history. Slavery, plantations, coastal lighthouses, the War for Southern Independence, and the Civil War are popular historical notations of this region of the United States. Given the high emotions of its past and the grisly occurrences of the region, it is not at all surprising that many ghosts, poltergeists, and other types of paranormal entities seem to linger in and around the hotels in the area. Examples of the most popular haunted hotels of the South include the Rawls Hotel, The Biltmore Hotel, The Cassadaga Hotel, The Crescent Hotel, and many others. If you enjoy the culturally rich history and traditions of the South, you will love learning about the haunted hotels of this region of the United States.

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Enterprise,Alabama-The Rawls Hotel
There are actually several different types of hauntings that have occurred at the Rawls Hotel.

Selma,Alabama-The St. James Hotel
The St James Hotel is considered to be one of the most haunted places in all of Alabama.

Eureka Springs,Arkansas-The Crescent Hotel
See why some people request room 218.

Cassadaga, Florida-The Cassadaga Hotel
The Cassadaga Hotel is considered to be one of the best kept secrets of haunted Florida.

Clearwater, Florida-The Biltmore Hotel
For several years of the resort's history, numerous guests and employees have reported strange and unusual events such as the physical appearance of apparitions.

St. Petersburg, Florida - The Renaissance Vinoy Resort
If you are interested in haunted Florida locations, you should consider booking your reservations at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg.

Americus,Georgia-The Windsor Hotel
Certified haunted by the Big Bend Ghost Trackers.

Savannah,Georgia-The Marshall House Hotel
The ghostly account of the Marshall House Hotel in Savannah, Georgia.

New Orleans,Louisiana-The Provincial Hotel
The history of the Provincial Hotel is extensive and somewhat dark overall.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-The Skirvin Hotel
The Skirvin Hotel is considered to be one of the most popular haunted places in Oklahoma.

Chattanooga,Tennessee-The Read House Hotel
Be sure to request room 311.

Austin,Texas-The Driskill Hotel
This haunted hotel is considered by many to be the most active as far as unexplained phenomenon in all of the area.

Liberty,Texas-The Historic Ott Hotel
See who's knocking on your door.

San Antonio,Texas-The Menger Hotel
The haunted Menger Hotel has a number of stories to tell, and the spirits to prove it!

Virginia Beach, Virginia-The Cavalier Hotel
Where one of the ghosts likes to warn you about the other ghosts on the 6th floor.

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