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"If I don't believe something or I don't want to believe something, it doesn't exist in my universe it just does not exist. "
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Haunted ships have been a topic among individuals who study the paranormal all throughout history. There are several stories circulating that discuss the possibility of massive ships still floating atop the various oceans in the world that are not of the physical world, those that have disappeared with no warning and no trace, and even those that have floated to the bottom of the bodies of water that they once floated on. Stories of real ghosts, unexplained phenomenon, and various types of strange apparitions related to these ships can be discovered here at Haunted-Places-To-Go.Com!

Did you know?

The Queen Mary is considered to be one of the most haunted ships today? This massive ship made her first voyage on the 27th day of May in the year of 1936. This fantastic ship played host to several notable individuals during her initial run. Famous individuals, such as Sir Winston Churchill, Greta Garbo, and other upper class individuals traveled aboard the ever-popular ship. In the year of 1939, the lavish Queen Mary was transformed into a ship used for military purposes. Eventually, this ship would be deemed “The Grey Ghost”. It is believed that hundreds of spirits remain aboard the ship….

The USS Lexington is considered to be haunted with a number of ghosts. This ship served as an aircraft carrier during WWII. Today, this ship serves as a museum for individuals who want to catch a glimpse of the past. However, several visitors and employees have experienced more than just a glance of the items that this museum has to offer. Several have experienced a glimpse of the spiritual world….

The Delta Queen ranks high among all of the haunted ships mentioned throughout history. This massive ship has strolled up and down the Mississippi River and even the Ohio River a number of times in her life. She began her first stroll in the year of 1927, and continues to serve individuals with her majestic beauty. However, many individuals have experienced more than just the sights and sounds of the rivers where the Delta Queen floats. They have experienced ghosts, unexplained phenomenon and more!

In this area, we will explore several of these "ghost" ships. If you have always had an interest in this area, you are sure to love the information that we provide!

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The Delta Queen On The Mississippi River

The Queen Mary In Long Beach,California

The USS Constellation In Baltimore,Maryland

The USS Lexington In Corpus Christi,Texas

The USS Hornet In Alameda,California

The USS North Carolina In Wilmington,North Carolina

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