Haunted Highways

"Take the back roads instead of the highways. "
Minnie Pearl

There are many reported haunted highways throughout the world. There are many roads and highways all around the globe. These roads provide open space for travelers to enjoy the scenery and freedom of movement. They are places that are necessary for an individual to move from one destination to another. Millions of people travel along the highways, roads, and paths that have been established to transition from one location to another with ease. Unfortunately, there are many different spiritual drifters, spiritual beings, unnatural beasts, and ghosts that were traumatized in one way or another on these highways that seem to be eternally bound to them. In this section of Haunted Places to Go, you will be introduced to some of the most intriguing stories concerning spirits that are part of the highways around the world.

It is believed that several of the hauntings that are reported on the haunted roads throughout the world are victims to trauma that has resulted in an actual trapping of their soul. These souls seem to continuously relive the tragedies of the past and are seemingly unable to accept that they do not have to remain in their state of spiritual torture. Spirits that move from the physical world to the spiritual world often experience a type of stagnation in a plane that involves both the physical and the spiritual. When this happens, the living and the spiritual often collide into one another. This is what has happened on so many of the highways throughout the United States and other countries throughout the world. The living has encountered the deceased.

There are many spiritually rich experiences that have been documented as happening on the highways, roads, tunnels, bridges, underpasses, and byways throughout the world. It is not uncommon to hear stories pertaining to hitchhikers that seemingly disappear once interacting with the living, unusual lights being observed in roads, or catching a glimpse of an individual only to find that they disappear shortly after. Those that have had the experience of encountering the haunted highways of the world know and understand that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the passages that allow them the freedom of movement from one location to another. Feel free to explore the world with us as we travel down the dark, haunted highways of our world and beyond.

Highway 666
Despite the fact that this highway is so popular, many travelers work to avoid this desolate span of road.

Haynesville, Maine Route 2A
The ghosts and legends of the Haynesville woods.

West Milford, New Jersey - Clinton Road
The cumulative amount of unusual experiences told by many different individuals suggests that this particular thoroughfare located in northern New Jersey may indeed be a haunted road.

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Haunted Highway 666

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