Haunted Theaters

"Death is no more than passing from one room into another. "
Helen Keller

There are several haunted theaters located throughout the world. Paranormal investigators have recently gained a profound interest in structures that have served as a theater, as well as those that are currently serving as a theater. Most individuals that work in these establishments have expressed the fact that something unusual has occurred in the structure. Unexplained sounds, short glimpses of shadowy figures, unusual breezes, and feeling the presence of an entity that is not physical are just some of the strange happenings that have occurred at theaters worldwide. Throughout this section of Haunted Places to Go, you will be introduced to several of the theaters that are said to house spirits from the other side.

There are many different theories surrounding the apparent paranormal activity that is believed to occur in various structures that have once served as a theater, as well as those that still operate in this capacity. One theory suggests that spirits, poltergeists, demons, and other spiritual entities literally feed off of the emotional energy that is often present in the theater. This emotional energy may reflect from the actors and actresses that take part in the productions that take place in haunted theaters. In many instances, the energy from the emotions that the audience experiences while the shows are taking place within the structure is utilized by spirits to make themselves known.

There are theories that historical events that transpired on the property where the theater resides or within the actual structure itself is positively charged with residual memories from plays, meetings, and other types of emotionally charged events that have transpired in the past. Residual hauntings may occur, which could account for many of the seemingly paranormal events that take place in and around theaters that are rumored to be haunted by locals, employees, and guests alike. Residual hauntings are a type of recording of events and emotions that have been experienced in a general location. These recording events continue to play themselves out over and over again. This results in visual glimpses of spirits, and audibly hearing noises for which no explanation is available.

There are many that believe that the apparent hauntings that occur in the haunted theaters around the world are a direct result of a spirit’s strong emotional connection to the structure, the property that the structure sits on, or an individual that either works at or frequents the theater. These spirits are typically referred to as intelligent hauntings. In some cases, a poltergeist could manifest itself in a theater based on the emotional turmoil that has been or is being experienced by a person that is somehow connected to a theater. In rare cases, a demonic haunting may be blamed for the strange phenomenon that is often experienced at a theater. Regardless of the rhyme, regardless of the reason – there is no doubt that the world has a large assortment of haunted theaters. You will learn about quite a few of these paranormally enhanced structures throughout the following pages.

Tombstone,Arizona-The Bird Cage Theatre
It is believed that the twenty six murders that occurred within this particular structure have lead to a wide array of paranormal events.

Nashville, Tennessee - The Ryman Auditorium
Of all the haunted places in Tennessee, the names associated with some of the ghosts at the Ryamn Auditorium make it one of the most notable.

Seattle,Washington-The Harvard Exit Theater
Newspapers, television programs, authors, photographers, and even paranormal investigators have swarmed the structure in search of evidence, stories, and experiences that contest to the fact that this structure is haunted.

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The Ryman Auditorium

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