Haunted Inns

Haunted Inns have captured our attention all through history. Stories regarding the initiation of the structures, the travelers that lodged at the businesses and the ghosts that apparently haunt them are all details that individuals like you and I find exceptionally interesting!

The Inns that line highways, sit in the midst of country sides, and in the city around the world have many tales to tell. You may find it interesting to know that most of these structure’s tales are not from the living, but the dead that still walk in spiritual form among the living.

Thousands of individuals throughout history have experienced what appears to be paranormal based experienced at Inns situated to provide lodging and other amenities to both locals and travelers. While often attractive to individuals traveling from one location to another, it appears that there are many travelers that no longer even possess a real, physical body! Here at Haunted-Places-To-Go.Com, we know and understand that there are individuals out there that travel and have an interest in haunted inns. For this reason, we have created an entire section of our website to organize inns that are said to be the home to spirits of all types, ages, and sizes!

Here, you will learn about tales involving doors slamming by themselves, lights and electronics that seem to have a mind of their own, beds that shake and vibrate for no apparent cause, the sounds of laughter and sadness bouncing off walls, and even visible ghostly encounters. You will read stories involving life experiences gone bad, unhappy individuals among the living that died and seem to want to socialize with the living, friendly ghosts that simply want to ensure that the inn is being ran in a manner that is consistent with their way of doing things, and more! Here at Haunted Places to Go, you can check into an experience that is sure to thrill you! Following the links below will help you learn about haunted inns in your area today!

Colorado Springs,Colorado-The Hearthstone Inn
A number of employees and guests have been delightfully entertained by a small girl.

New London, Connecticut-The Lighthouse Inn
With the ghostly bride, the female spirit, and the spirit of a young child, this inn is likely to be very interesting to stay at.

Nashville, Indiana-The Story Inn
This particular structure has been considered one of the most haunted places in the area.

Tenant's Harbor,Maine-The East Wind Inn
While the owners of this massive retreat stay in the basement of the structure, travelers and locals alike know that they are not alone.

Kennebunk,Maine-The Kennebunk Inn,
The Kennebunk Inn in Maine is considered to be highly haunted according to individuals who work and have visited the structure.

Marquette, Michigan-The Landmark Inn
There are several reports of hauntings at this particular structure in Michigan.

Vicksburg,Mississippi-The Cedar Grove Mansion
Here, you are likely to experience a number of hauntings, and other types of unexplained phenomenon!

Granville, Ohio-The Buxton Inn
This particular structure is said to host some of the “friendliest” hauntings in the entire state!

Charleston, South Carolina-The Battery Carriage House Inn
The Battery Carriage House Inn has been appropriately deemed “The Most Haunted Inn” in the Charleston area.

Abingdon, Virginia - The Martha Washington Inn
If you are interested in haunted places to stay, you should consider making your reservations at this haunted inn.

Kewaunee,Wisconsin-The Kewaunee Inn
Noted for being haunted and providing employees and guests alike with some rather interesting paranormal experiences!

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The Martha Washington Inn

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