The Haunted East Wind Inn in Maine

The haunted East Wind Inn in Maine attracts several people annually. Located in Maine along the coast of Tenant’s Harbor, this particular structure was constructed in the year of 1860. In its time, this was considered to be one of the largest homes in the area. It is extremely large, and has a full three stories. In addition to this, there is an attic area as well as a relatively large basement area. There are over twenty unique rooms all in all, as well as a lounge and a restaurant. While the owners of this massive retreat stay in the basement of the structure, travelers and locals alike know that they are not alone. Several hauntings are said to occur at the East Wind Inn in Maine.

In the early and mid years of the 1800’s, the area of Tenant’s Harbor was abounding with ships. In addition to being an area where commerce was shipped and received, there were areas where boats and ships were constructed. There was a man by the name of John Fuller who was known to be one of the most prominent business men in the entire area. He decided to construct a building that would be used for business purposes. This building is what now is known as the East Wind Inn. Each floor of the immense building served a unique business purpose and worked out according to Fuller’s plan.

In the basement of the building, the sons of Fuller engaged in constructing and fabricating tin so that it could be sold to local ship merchants and others in the community. Fuller decided to create a small store that specialized in general goods in the area of the first floor. On the second floor, a mini factory type business was created where employees to create sails by the way of sewing them together. In the top floor, Fuller rented the space to a group of people involved in the Masonic Lodge. They remained in the floor until about the year of 1894. In 1921, Fuller elected to sell the building to a man by the name of Charles Rawley.

Rawley saw the need to create an inn where locals could live and travelers could reside when they visited Tenant’s Harbor. He made several renovations, and once everything was in place, he opened what was known as the “Wan-e-set Inn”. While the inn was successful, by the year of 1941, Rawley was looking for a buyer. It was then that a man by the name of Frank Scrutin acquired ownership. It is believed that he continued to allow the structure to operate as an inn, but it is also known he gave it up in the year of 1954 for one reason or another. Tim Watts gained an interest in the building in the 1970’s. Finally, in the year of 1974, he elected to purchase the structure. It was at this time that the name of “East Wind Inn” came to be.

There are several hauntings that are said to occur in the East Wind Inn. The first is particularly interesting as it involves a woman who was found dead due to stab wounds near the structure sometime in the 1800’s. Surprisingly, this female spirit seems to take an avid interest in the upper floor of the building, as well as the attic itself. Several people feel intense emotions while in these areas, and several movements of furniture and other objects seem to suggest that this particular spirit is quite unhappy and angry at something. It is believed that she could have been murdered in one of these areas, and simply taken outside the home to be found. Several individuals have even stated that this spirit has become physical offense by pushing them.

Individuals who have stayed in the upper floors have commented on the fact that they have been held down in their beds, and several have literally been pushed out of their beds. Noises that sound like a woman crying have been heard around three to four AM in the morning. In addition to this, several windows have also suddenly shattered with no reasonable explanation. Emotional energy, like that of a heavy state of sadness, and then other times, anger and hostility, have been felt by individuals and employees of the establishment in the same areas.

In the lower floors of the East Wind Inn, several people feel as if there is something or someone close to them. While this is initially frightening, the owner states that the spirit does not seem to be hostile like the one in the upper floors. Many have claimed that they have seen a faint, transparent, gray spirit moving up the stairs and looking out into the majestic harbor that is located outside of the inn. When this occurs, the smell of pipe tobacco is often present. It is believed that this is a spirit of a Captain who often stayed at the inn when he was not working and is simply attached to it in the afterlife.

There are several unique hauntings that are believed to occur at the East Wind Inn in Maine. If you are interested in making reservations to stay at this beautiful inn, you may call 800-241-8439. If you are in or near Tenant’s Harbor, simply drive to Mechanic Street. The lovely and haunted establishment can be found at numeric 21. By visiting, you can take a full tour of the haunted East Wind Inn and experience the spirits there for yourself! Get directions, view photos and read the visitor reviews and traveler tips for the East Wind Inn.

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