Haunted Hospitals

"Apparitions are often confused with hauntings. The difference is that apparitions are "live" (intelligent consciousness) and hauntings are "recordings". "

Are you addicted to ghost hunting? If so then these haunted hospitals might just be what you need. Hospitals are a place of birth, and a place of death. Joy can be experienced at the birth of a new child, or the resuscitation of a loved one. Sadness and similar unpleasant emotions can be experienced when a loved one passes away.

Hospitals and hauntings seem to go hand in hand. There are old abandoned hospitals that seem to have spirits lurking in every corner, then, there is the community hospital just a couple of miles from where you live…these, too, are said to have hauntings. The problem is, sometimes the living are so busy trying to keep the patients alive, and wrapped up in worry, that they often miss the cool breeze that sweeps past them, or the spiritual comfort that many of these spirits try to provide.

Here, you will find many stories and events surrounding hospitals that are found to be haunted. Most of these structures have been abandoned for years, left to decay in the midst of the sorry for the souls that have been left behind. Many of these haunted hospitals are preserved in the form of a museum to the events past, but still have a very real, frightening aura to them based on the souls that have been left behind. Then, there are those that are still in operation today…serving both the living and the dead…If you are interested in haunted tales surrounding active hospitals, museum turned hospitals, or even old, abandoned hospitals, you are sure to find something to draw your interest here.

Here, at Haunted-Places-To-Go.Com, we work to provide you with areas that have been documented in being haunted. We understand that there is a need for a directory of haunted places that can be visited so that paranormal investigations can prove and even disprove the existence of life after death. Here, you will be introduced to several haunted hospitals where you can experience the paranormal, firsthand.

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Dark hospital room

Weston,West Virginia The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
See why some call this the most haunted building in W.Virginia.

Louisville,Kentucky-The Waverly Hills Sanatorium
One of the most haunted places in America.

South Pittsburg, Tennessee - Old South Pittsburg Hospital
There are many intriguing stories surrounding the Old South Pittsburg Hospital and several tales that make this one of the most haunted places in Tennessee.

Yorktown, Texas - Yorktown Memorial Hospital
There are many unexplained occurrences that have taken place and continue to take place that indicate that spirits must roam the corridors and various rooms of this building.

East Bethany, New York-The Rolling Hills Asylum
Many individuals recall hearing voices that were considered to be disembodied, while others reported seeing shadow people.

Tooele, Utah-The Old Tooele Hospital. A.K.A. Asylum 49
There are several acclaimed hauntings that involve the Old Tooele Hospital.

Savannah,Georgia-Oatland Island
Check out the old hospital on this island.

St. Augustine,Florida-The Spanish Military Hospital
The “Ward” of the Spanish Military Hospital in St. Augustine, Florida is another hot spot for paranormal activity.

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Trans Allegheny Haunted Hospital

Waverly Hills Haunted Hospital

Haunted Rolling Hills Asylum

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