Exclusive Haunted Places

"The general character of the phenomena is nearly always the same, and it appears incredible that such coincidental happenings could possibly have taken place in all ages and in all parts of the world, had there not been some genuine manifestations behind these reports. "
H. Carrington (The Story of the Poltergeist Down the Centuries, 1953)

There are many exclusive haunted places that I would like to cover here at Haunted-Places-To-Go.Com that are unique, and are quite attractive when it comes to the ghost hunter - whether a hobbyist or a professional. Several areas in the United States, as well as abroad, have little corners of the paranormal. If you enjoy ghost hunting, and learning more about the history of these haunted areas, you are sure to love this new section that I like to refer to as "Exclusive Haunted Places".

Sure, there are haunted mansions, haunted castles, and several other places, like prisons, that are quite popular when it comes to stories about the souls from the other side. There are also several properties such as the battlefields in the United States that are said to be haunted. However, in my research and travels, I have found that there are many other areas that many people know to be haunted, but that you actually hear very little about. This is what this section is all about. All those haunted places that you know exist, but would love to learn more about!

Here, you will be learning about the haunted caves that exist in the United States and other countries, as well as tunnels and railways that are said to be haunted. You will learn about taverns and nightclubs that are said to be haunted, and several other unique locations that there are apparent spirits lurking in the corners and in the shadows. If you are a ghost hunter, you are sure to enjoy the information contained throughout these pages. If you love to learn about the history of various locations, you will also enjoy it! If you are seeking haunted places to go on your next road trip, vacation, or weekend getaway, you are sure to love our newly added exclusive haunted places!

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Birmingham,Alabama-Sloss Furnace
There have been several apparitions seen at Sloss Furnace.

St. Augustine, Florida-Warehouse 31
Recently, a warehouse building with a frightening history opened in what is often called "The Nation's Oldest City"

Mitchell, Indiana-Whispers Estate
Make your reservation for an overnight ghost hunt in one of the most haunted locations in Indiana!

Wilder,Kentucky-Bobby Mackey's Music World
Also known as "Hell's Gate".

Ashland,Massachusetts-Stone's Public House
Also known as Captain John Stone’s Inn.

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