Whispers Estate

Haunted Whispers Estate

Whispers Estate is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Indiana.

It is a Victorian designed home that is a total of 3,700 square feet located in the city called "Mitchell". The paranormal experiences documented by the employees, guests, and locals have been covered on numerous media venues. The SyFy Channel's show called "Children of the Grave" highlighted the home, as well as a radio show called "Ghostly Talk". The DVD called "Ghost Stories 2: Unmasking the Dead" also highlighted this structure. In this guide on the paranormal, you will learn about the notable hauntings that are said to occur at Whispers Estate.

Constructed in the year of 1899, this structure originally served as a home to a couple named Dr. John Gibbons and his wife, Jessie. This couple simply adored children and apparently adopted three children that were reported to be orphaned and/or abandoned. Despite this couple's good intentions, it appears as if they suffered a large number of tragedies during the course of their time in the structure. It all started when the 10 year old that they adopted whose name was Rachael started a devastating fire in the area of the parlor - which was located in the front section of the house. She suffered from intense burns and was made to rest in a bedroom on the top floor. Unfortunately, within forty eight hours, she died.

Shortly after this young girl passed away, unusual events started taking place in the home. These events continue to be reported even today. Individuals have reported to see a small young girl that appears to be the age of about ten years old in various locations in and around the Whispers Estate. Many individuals have also claimed that they have heard the little girl in various locations throughout the home. This is not the only child that appears to be haunting the estate, though. An infant that the couple adopted, by the name of Elizabeth, was reported to have died in the master bedroom area of the structure shortly after the first child. She was only ten months old. Today, those that go to this room claim that they pick up on the scent of baby powder. Many even claim to hear the cries of a baby, despite the fact that no baby is on the premises.

Dr. John Gibbons and his wife Jessie suffered through tremendous grief upon the loss of their two adopted children. It appears as if the grieving process really took its toll on Mrs. Gibbons and she developed a severe case of pneumonia shortly after Elizabeth passed away. Just two short weeks after the death of the infant, she passed away due to the respiratory complications that she experienced as a direct result of the pneumonia. She died in the same room as the infant. Many individuals have claimed that when they are in the room, they hear sounds that reflect that of breathing difficulties and coughing. Numerous have felt a high amount of pressure on their chest. In some instances, strange events such as the door handles moving and a door attached to the closet will open unexpectedly by an unknown force.

As history progressed, more tragedy has been experienced at Whispers Estates. A small boy that apparently lived in the structure fell down the stairs in the structure. Unfortunately, he passed away due to the injuries that he sustained from the fall. It has also been reported that an older man died in one of the bathrooms on the top floor of the structure. Unfortunately, his age is unknown but he is believed to have died in his 50s or 60s. It is also unknown as to what actually caused the death, but it appears to have been natural causes.

In the year of 2006, the beautiful Victorian home was purchased by an individual that elected to renovate it into a bed and breakfast. It is said that many unusual events started to occur at this time that seem to be paranormal based. The already reported activity went to new heights. Instead of an occasional report, the paranormal reports happened more often as the activity became quite common. Many individuals claimed to have heard whispering coming from all directions in the structure. While no source for these whispers could be identified, the individuals knew that they were very real. As a result, the building was issued the name "Whispers Estates". The estate no longer operates as a bed and breakfast, but if you would like to visit the estate you may do so making reservations by calling or visiting the website below. It is located at 800-898 on West Warren Street in Mitchell. Phone: 317-863-0874.

Website: Whispers Estates

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