Haunted Hotels of the West

"I have never yet heard of a murderer who was not afraid of a ghost. "
~John Philpot Curran

The West region of the United States has several haunted hotels. This region of the United States is often referred to as the “American West”. All throughout history, this region has played an important role in the country’s past as well as the folklore associated with America in general. This region is considered to be the largest in the entire country because of the fact that the total land consists of over half of the total land in the United States. This region is noted as being one of the most geographically diverse because of the fact that it consists of the coast that lines the Pacific, the grand Rocky Mountains, the coast that lines the Gulf, and more! It is not at all surprising that there are a vast number of hotels that are rumored to be haunted.

The West has many historical events that have contributed to the popularity of the region as well as the haunted tales that are expressed throughout the region. These events include, but are not limited to, the Gold Rush, the development of the transcontinental railroad, the influx of the Native American population, the development of various types of computer and aerospace technology, the famous Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, and the popularity associated with the cowboys that once rode the lands that make up the West. There are many stories passed down from generation to generation that speak of the spirits, the curses, the poltergeists, and the general ghosts that are said to be part of the haunted hotels of this region.

The West consists of many different states. These include Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona, Washington, California, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Hawaii, New Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, and Montana. The largest areas of the West are Los Angeles, California; Phoenix, Arizona; San Francisco, California; Seattle, Washington and Denver, Colorado. Throughout this section of Haunted Places to Go, you will learn about several haunted hotels that are part of the aforementioned states. These hotels include The Brown Palace and The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, The Gold Hill Hotel in Nevada, and the Hotel Del Coronado in California. So if you're looking for a haunted place to go on your next vacation check out some of these haunted hotels before you "check in".

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Skagway,Alaska-The Golden North Hotel
For increasing your chances of a paranormal experience be sure to ask for room 23 or 14!

Bisbee, Arizona-The Copper Queen Hotel
This particular hotel has been said to be the single oldest hotel that remains to be completely operational in all of Arizona.

Flagstaff,Arizona-The Monte Vista Hotel
Check out the ghostly room service.

Coronado, California-The Hotel Del Coronado
There are a couple of rooms in this establishment that are said to have spirits residing in and around them.

Denver,Colorado-The Brown Palace Hotel
The Brown Palace in Denver, Colorado is reputed to be haunted by many locals, as well as many who visit the location that are professional paranormal investigators.

Estes Park, Colorado-The Stanley Hotel
There are many different hauntings that are said to occur at the Rocky Mountain resort referred to as the “Stanley Hotel”.

Virginia City,Nevada-The Gold Hill Hotel
The haunted history of the Gold Hill Hotel in Nevada has been talked about for years.

Portland,Oregon-The White Eagle Pub
Where you may be served more than just fresh brew!

Ogden, Utah-The Ben Lomond Hotel
This hotel has a long history of legends and rumors that there are guests of the spiritual type that apparently never left the structure.

Cheyenne,Wyoming-The Plains Hotel
The Plains Hotel houses a tragic tale of love and lust.

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