Golden North Hotel:

A Haunted Hotel in Skagway, Alaska

Alaska Mountains

The Golden North Hotel is a haunted hotel in Skagway, Alaska. This structure was built in the year of 1898. It is actually considered to be one of the oldest hotels to operate in the Alaska area. In the year of about 1908, this hotel was moved to the area where it currently stands. Once the move was completed, another story was added to the top in an effort to bring it to three stories instead of two stories. In addition to this, the dome, which is golden in color, was also added at this time. In the year of 1997, this hotel was renovated. Here, you will learn about some of the hauntings that are rumored to occur at this hotel.

The Hauntings of Golden North Hotel

There are at least two hauntings of the Golden North Hotel. The first and most popular haunting that is said to reside in the hotel is that of a spirit which many refer to as “Mary”. In the early days of the hotel, prospecting for gold was a popular activity. It is believed that Mary’s fiancé was in the area engaging in this activity. He seemed to have quite a bit of luck, so he sent for Mary. She arrived at the area and he reserved a room for her at this grand hotel. They spent some time together, and he went back to prospecting, promising to return soon. Unfortunately, while he was away, she developed pneumonia. As her sickness progressed, she laid patiently in room 23 waiting for the return of her true love. Eventually, the sickness overtook her and she passed away. Today, guests claim to see a spirit of Mary in this room. Several individuals who have stayed overnight in the room often awake feeling as if they are choking.

The next rumored haunting occurs in room 14. Individuals who stay in this room, and even the housekeeping staff and other employees claim that there is a strange light that occurs in the room. This light is most evident late in the night, and early in the morning, just before dawn. To some, it appears like a sparkle, or a small light that twinkles on and off. To others, it appears as an orb of light. The light does not appear to be threatening to anyone who sees it, but it is actually quite startling to those who are able to view it. Today, if you want to visit the haunted hotel in Alaska of Golden North, you can easily do so. If you make a visit here, be sure to stop by room 23 and room 14!

The Golden North Hotel
3rd & Broadway
Skagway, Alaska

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