Haunted Hotels of the Midwest

" I think paranormal experiences are very personal, again, if they are that. Yes, sometimes I've felt that some things I would personally believe enough for me to take action on it... like, you know, I felt something happen in a hotel once that made me never stay there again. "
~Andrea Corr

There are many notable haunted hotels of the Midwest. This region of the United States is considered to be both the geographical center and the population center of the country. This region consists of twelve individual states. They are Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Michigan. Since the time period of the 19th century, this region has been identified as the “Middle West” area of the United States. For the past decade, this region has been referred to as the “Midwest” by both the natives, and those that live outside the region.

The Midwest is distinguished by many geographical variants. These include, but are not limited to, flat plains, rolling hills, jagged rocks, prairies, and hardwood forests. In addition to this, there are many notable architectural designs that distinguish this region of the country from other regions. The area is considered to be predominantly Christian as far as religion is concerned. However, up to 29% of all individuals that reside in this area associate themselves with Roman Catholicism. This is immediately followed by a large percentage of Baptists. Given the amount of land and the amount of people that make up this particular region, it is not at all surprising that there are so many haunted tales. There are a wide variety of ghost stories surrounding the haunted hotels of the region.

There are many historical events that are part of the Midwest’s history. These include, but are not limited to: the French and Indian War, The Royal Proclamation of 1763, the influx of settlers after the American Revolutionary War, and even famous pioneers such as Daniel Boone. Spencer Records was another famous pioneer that explored the grand Midwest region of the United States. In this section of Haunted Places to Go, you will learn many interesting facts regarding the haunted hotels located throughout the Midwest. Examples of these hotels include The Bullock Hotel located in South Dakota, The Palmer House Hotel in Minnesota, and the Hotel Savoy in Missouri.

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Lawrence, Kansas -The Eldridge Hotel
One of the most interesting ghost tales when it comes to haunted places in Kansas is the story of the spirit that apparently haunts the elevator of the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence.

Sauk Centre, Minnesota-The Palmer House Hotel
It has been said that children run and play in this structure – only there are no children there.

Kansas City, Missouri-The Hotel Savoy
On the fourth floor of this haunted place in Missouri, there is an incident in which witnesses observed what appeared to be a full body apparition.

Deadwood,South Dakota-The Bullock Hotel
Visit the ghost of the famous sheriff in the wild wild west.

Rapid City, South Dakota-The Hotel Alex Johnson
While there are many different hauntings that are said to occur at the Alex Johnson Hotel, one of the most popular stories surrounds a female entity often referred to as the “Lady in White”.

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The haunted history of the Alex Johnson Hotel

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The Eldridge Hotel

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