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The Hotel Savoy

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When it comes to haunted places in Missouri, the Hotel Savoy is considered to be highly popular.

This luxurious hotel was constructed in the year 1888 by the brothers that owned and operated the Arbuckle Coffee Company. It was designed with the socially elite in mind. This magnificent structure incorporated a garden on the roof of the building, tile floors designed by the Italians, an exquisite ballroom, and more. It is said that notable personalities such as Teddy Roosevelt, W.C Fields, and John D. Rockefeller resided at the Hotel Savoy at one point or another of the history of the building. If you are interested in haunted places in Missouri, you will enjoy the paranormal activity that is said to occur in this structure.

The first spirit that is said to haunt the Hotel Savoy is a lady that is known as "Betsy Ward". Betsy was a resident at the hotel and passed away while in the bathtub. Many believe that she passed away due to a sudden heart attack. There are many that state that she did not die in the tub, she actually died while in bed in the room. Her room number was "505". Witnesses have observed the show turning on and off all by itself in the room, and have heard music coming from inside the room when there was no person inside to have been responsible. In addition to these incidents, doors on the inside of the room have been opened seemingly on their own. In a renovation that occurred within the room, a gun was found to be sealed within the wall. All of these events contribute to the haunting tales of the room.

On the fourth floor of this haunted place in Missouri, there is an incident in which witnesses observed what appeared to be a full body apparition of a man who had passed away, identified as "Mr. Lightner". The witness account took place in the latter part of 1987. An individual who was taking the widow, Mrs. Lightner, a little bit of sugar as requested heard her speaking to someone. A neighbor of the widow was with the neighbor. When the door opened, they were both quite amazed to witness a full body apparition of a man that appeared to be dressed in attire that was common in the 1930s. The spirit saw them and simply vanished right before their eyes. It was then that the widow expressed the fact that it was her deceased husband that they had just witnessed.

When it comes to haunted places in Missouri, there are many rumors, legends, and myths floating around. However, in the case of the Hotel Savoy, witnesses who actually observed the spirits in the room are still available to relay their stories. Many strange phenomenons have taken place in the hotel. In one such incident, a man that was employed by the hotel often found his belongings spread out and disorganized - despite the fact that he had them put away and organized. He often experienced extreme cold in the night hours and an occasional cold spot during the day. He often expressed the fact that he knew that he was not alone, and it was suspected that it was the deceased Fred Lightner as the man was the same neighbor that took the widow some sugar.

In addition to this, several other types of phenomenon have occurred within this haunted hotel. It is not at all unusual for individuals to hear unexplained noises, experience unusual smells, or feel that they are not alone while walking within the structure. It is not believed that the spirits at the Hotel Savoy intend to do any harm, but it is rumored that perhaps these spirits have unfinished business or that they are unsettled and that prevents their spirit from moving on. If you are seeking haunted places in Missouri, and are interested in capturing paranormal events firsthand, you are likely to thoroughly enjoy visiting this haunted hotel. Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Hotel Savoy.

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