Haunted Lighthouses

Lighting the Way for Today’s Spirits!

"Whatever else, indeed, a "ghost" may be, it is probably one of the most complex phenomena in nature. "
F.W.H. Myers (Quoted in A. Mackenzie - Hauntings and Apparitions, 1982)

In today’s world, haunted lighthouses seem to light the way for the spirits of yesterday. Typically isolated in remote corners of landscapes around the world, most lighthouses have “seen” their share of visitors, changes, and tragedies. Standing in solitude against the crashing shores of the banks of countries across the world, these immense structures are anything but abandoned….

Stories of shadowy imprints of the days gone past are common when it comes to lighthouses around the world. Secrets of the past, revelations of the future – these structures of guiding light today relinquish stories that spirits that live outside the physical realm that we know and trust in wish to be told. The stone, wood, and mortar that hold these channeling buildings together is nothing more than the outer layer of true historically mysterious secrets that are held….

Lingering on the sides of dangerous cliffs, rolling hills, and salty sands, the ability to fall into the spiritual world is imminent. Treacherous waves, perilous winds, and deep dark waters are often viewed as the safest of all elements for those that have experienced the spirits that seem to hold a natural attraction to lighthouses around the world. While these structures are visually obvious, the secrets that live in them and around them are often quite obscure to the onlooker….

As the waves of time sprinkle over onto the lands in which these majestic structures stand, by reviewing the various lighthouses we have listed at Haunted-Places-To-Go.Com, you will be submerged into the deep, and often mysterious waters of the past – you will learn the history of the structures, the people that served the structures, and their secrets….

Take a trip through time; enjoy the oceanic breezes and the tales of paranormal experienced and haunted tales with the haunted lighthouses we have listed here. You will enjoy reading about the historical personalities that were responsible for constructing and running the structures, the events that took place in and around them, as well as the ghosts that are said to linger among them – tragically attached and stuck in the midst of both the spiritual and physical world....

St. Augustine, Florida-The St. Augustine Lighthouse
This lighthouse is considered to be among the top haunted areas in all of Florida.

Yachats, Oregon-The Heceta Head Lighthouse
There seems to be several hauntings occurring at this bed and breakfast at Devil’s Elbow.

Scotland, Maryland-Point Lookout Lighthouse
The ghosts of Point Lookout Lighthouse are becoming increasingly interesting to paranormal researchers around the world.

Gulliver, Michigan-Seul Choix Lighthouse
Considered to be Michigan’s haunted lighthouse, and one of the most haunted locations in the area of the Great Lakes.

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