Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast in Oregon

Heceta Head Lighthouse

In the year of 1755 an explorer of Spanish decent by the name of “Don Bruno Heceta” discovered a patch of land that was deemed as “Devil’s Elbow”. This area was considered to be highly dangerous due to the fact that it was on a cliff that was just above waters that were extremely rough, and below those raging waves sat a multitude of rocks that could put any ships or person caught in those waters in danger. As this patch of land and water became known to citizens of the area, it was determined that a lighthouse should be placed there. In 1892, the locals gathered to construct what would be identified as the “Heceta Head Lighthouse”.

Two years following the ground breaking for the lighthouse, it was finally completed. For its time, this was considered an advanced structure. The light emitted from the structure shone at approximately twenty miles out into the Pacific Ocean. It was also an amazing fifty six feet tall! The first keeper that was assigned to the structure was named Andrew Hald. There was a home built on the property for this individual. In addition to this, a separate home was constructed for the necessary assistants that the head lighthouse keeper required in order to keep the structure fully functional.

Heceta Keepers HouseToday, the structure that stands on the State Park grounds known as “Devil’s Elbow” is known as the “Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast”. However, locals and tourists are not the only individuals to stay at the luxurious bed and breakfast. Many spirits are said to haunt this structure as well. The first story surrounding the many paranormal events that are said to occur at this establishment involves that of a child that is believed to have passed away on the property. The specifics regarding the death of the child is unknown, but it is believed that it is directly related to the raging waters and cliffs where the Heceta Head Lighthouse stands. The child was buried on the grounds. It is rumored that her mother was so struck with the grief over the loss of her child that she passed away shortly thereafter.

The graves on the grounds are believed to be the mother and the child. Many individuals visiting the grounds have described paranormal events that seem to surround this mother and her child. It is often said that crying sounds like both a child and a mother can be heard, but there is no reasonable explanation why these sounds are occurring. In addition to this, many have heard what appears to be that of laughter that would come from a young child playing. This laughter often echoes through the cliffs and when visitors discover that there is no child on the property, it leads to a high level of discomfort. One of the most unnerving experiences occurs late at night. It is the sound of a woman screaming frantically. Often, this sound is accompanied by cabinets that seem to open and close on their own and flickering lights.

The woman who is believed to be the mother of the child that passed away has been said to have died of grief – unfortunately, to most, this means that she took her own life. Her name has been said to be “Rue”, but she is often known as “The Grey Lady”. The apparition of this lady has been rumored floating around the grounds, in the attic of the Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast, as well as several other locations on the grounds throughout history. It is not believed that this spirit is out to harm anyone, it is believed, however, that she is in a constant search for the child that she lost – the child that she loved so much and that meant all the world to her.

Many paranormal investigators have caught what they believe to be the sound of these spirits, as well as ghost videos, ghost pictures, and other types of evidence that seem to indicate that there is, in fact, several hauntings occurring at this bed and breakfast at Devil’s Elbow. If you are interested in experiencing these hauntings for yourself, or simply enjoy ghost hunting, you are likely to discover that the Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast is an interesting area to do so!

Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast
92072 Hwy. 101 South
Yachats, OR 97498 USA

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