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Haunted Places to Go is a comprehensive compilation of locations throughout the world that are associated with real haunted stories and true paranormal activity. In terms of paranormal phenomenon, the belief in ghost hauntings is the most widely-held. According to a recent poll, an estimated 45% of all people believe that ghosts or spiritual beings exist. If you are here, it is likely that you have a belief in the paranormal. At the very least, you have a natural curiosity of what occurs following death. Throughout this site, you will learn about real haunted places, read real-life ghost stories, and learn about evidence obtained through ghost investigations that have been conducted based on the haunted stories as told by those that experienced them of various haunted places throughout the world.

History has established – through time-honored legends, oral traditions, haunted stories, and direct experience – that there is some degree of truth to all. The concept of ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, and other paranormal phenomenon is a part of the ethereal-based realm known as the “unknown”. The fear, intrigue, and desire to establish evidence of ghosts and other types of unexplained phenomenon stands strong in the obscure corners of our imaginations. We here at Haunted Places to Go hold the belief that all stories should be told – whether true, scientific-based evidence exists or not. If the haunted places contained within this site involve true spiritual entities, perhaps the passing on of their activities and stories will permit them to transition from our realm into the realm where they are destined.

“All a skeptic is, is someone who hasn’t had an experience yet…” – Jason Hawes, Founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS)

As people, there is an enigma surrounding death and what occurs once our physical body ceases to exist. This holds true regardless of one’s race, their religion, or the status that they possess socially. We all possess a natural curiosity in terms of life after death. Do we move on to a higher spiritual realm? If so, why do the souls or spirits of some seem to remain on earth? Upon passing, are we bound by the unfinished in our lives? Must we discover how to transition on our own from this life to the next – be it spiritual or physical? In learning about the haunted places throughout the world and the real ghost stories surrounding them, it could be that we learn the answers to these questions, and more.

Here at Haunted Places to Go, we strive to share the real ghost stories and true paranormal activity surrounding locations throughout the world that seem to display the shades of the past. Are these real-life ghost stories reflective of the disembodied mists and souls of those that once lived, like you and me? Every culture has their own concept of ghosts, spirits, and other types of apparitions. This has been since the beginning of the existence of humans. All throughout history, people have claimed contact with spirits, seen ghosts, and have believed in otherworldly dimensions. Now, we bring these stories to you. This website is dedicated to more than just the haunted places listed throughout; it is dedicated to those that are said to create the hauntings and those that have experienced the hauntings.

In the last decade, there has been a heightened interest in all things involving the true paranormal. Eye witness accounts, personal experiences, events that are unusual, and the unexplained have all led to ghost investigations, research, and exploration into the unexplained phenomenon surrounding haunted places, real-life ghost stories, and other realms of the unexplained. Haunted Places to Go strives to be more than a directory. We hope to be a database of historical events, an assemblage of details that give credit to those that have encountered the unexplained, and a catalogue that outlines the findings of those that have indulged in ghost investigations in an attempt to provide evidence of the confirmation of life after death, as well as the proof that ghosts and other types of spiritual entities do – in fact – exist.

Since the beginning of humankind, people from all areas of the world and all the various walks of life have believed in ghosts. Many have a profound level of certainty that there is something - in some area of the vast world and the universe that it resides in - that is much bigger and more significant than the lives that we live. One of the strongest fears that we have – as humans – and one of the most intriguing experiences we all, eventually, encounter is that of death. In ascertaining evidence from haunted places and the real ghost stories associated with them, we ascertain evidence that death is not the be all, end all… There is something bigger and possibly better awaiting us when we transition from our physical bodies to our spiritual form.

As you browse through the pages here at Haunted Places to Go, you will discover a multitude of haunted places that you may visit. We make every attempt to present a brief history associated with the real haunted stories associated with the location, the true paranormal experiences that occurred at the location, as well as other relevant information pertaining to the location, such as contact and/or tour information. It does not matter if you simply enjoy learning about history, have a passion for locations of architectural significance, want to engage in a real ghost hunt, or have a desire to just read about haunted places because you are intrigued, you are sure to discover information here at Haunted Places to Go that will help you in your quest for knowledge.

Haunted Places to Go invites you to embark on an incredible journey of haunted highways, paranormal passages, supernatural streets, and scintillating structures…


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