The Haunted Hotel Del Coronado in California

Haunted Hotel Del Coronado

The haunted Hotel Del Coronado in California is quite popular among paranormal investigators. Sitting along side of the Pacific Ocean, this castle was created in the architectural style of Victorian and takes up just over thirty acres. This establishment was up and ready for business in the year of 1888. Interestingly enough, the famous Thomas Edison played a major roll in assisting to provide electricity to the famous hotel. Throughout history, many notable names have resided at the structure, and some seem to have never left. In this haunted travel guide, you will learn about the spirits of the Hotel Del Coronado in California.

In The late 1800s two men by the name of H.I Story and another by the name of Elisha S. Babocock were engaging in the sport of hunting rabbit throughout the wooded areas of California. The weather was nice, the scenery was beautiful – it was then that the idea hit them that the area would be a wonderful location for a resort for those that wanted to vacation. The two men exchanged ideas and this is when the idea behind the gorgeous hotel was initiated. By the month of February in the year of 1888, the popular hotel was opened to customers wishing to visit the area sporting the advertisement: “Free from Malaria, Hay Fever, Mad Dogs, Cyclones, or Cold Snaps”. Many found this so appealing that they flocked to the structure.

Throughout the years, more and more notable names were found to take an interest in visiting the hotel. This became especially true during what is considered as one of the main highlights in Hollywood history, the decades of the twenties and thirties. If you evaluate the visitors to this popular hotel during this time period, you would find names like “Mae West”, “Marilyn Monroe”, “Mary Pickford” and others. You will also find that several movies were filmed at the location. However, in the 1950s a tragedy occurred in the spectacular hotel.

A young girl, by the name of Melissa elected to stay at the hotel with her aunt. She was documented in playing with her favorite little doll in various locations throughout the structure. However, she was eventually discovered in the hall when she became extremely ill. It is said that the hotel staff and the aunt of the child called for medical assistance and she was taken to a doctor that was nearby. Unfortunately, no one thought to grab the little doll that she loved so much. Melissa’s health continued to fail and she passed away. Employees that worked at the hotel at the time and many who work there today as well have often documented seeing the spirit of a small girl – they believe this spirit is that of Melissa trying to find her favorite doll – not realizing that she is actually able to “cross over”.

If you are planning to visit the haunted Hotel Del Coronado in California, you should be aware of the fact that there are a couple of rooms in the establishment that are said to have spirits residing in and around them. The first was originally marked as room number 302, but is now marked as 3502. It was said that a lady who was named “Kate Morgan” signed up for a stay in the late years of the 1800s. It was said that she passed away while staying in the room. Today, visitors state many unusual occurrences that happen within the room. Examples include noises that are stated to be “phantom like”, electricity complications such as lights that go on and off in a flickering manner, as well as strong aromas in the room. There are also many fluctuations that occur within the room as far as temperature is concerned.

If you are interested in experiencing the hauntings of the Hotel Del Coronado in California, you may easily do so. You are likely to experience many unusual events that simply cannot be logically explained. While there are several haunted places to go in this state, many paranormal investigators thoroughly enjoy the experiences that they encounter in the Hotel Del Coronado. If you are able to swing by this hotel, it is quite likely that you will enjoy the experiences that you have as well! Be sure to bring all of your ghost hunting equipment!

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