The Ghosts of Point Lookout Lighthouse

The ghosts of Point Lookout Lighthouse are becoming increasingly interesting to paranormal researchers around the world. Located in Scotland, Maryland this particular lighthouse became operational in the year of 1830. In the year of 1825, it was established that incoming ships should have a light available at the area known as “Point Lookout” in order to warn them of the dangerous shoals and that they were approaching the entering point of the river known as “Potomac”. Construction did not take entirely too long, as the lighthouse began operation on the 20th day of September in the year of 1830. The first keeper, known as “James Davis” was placed in charge of the structure. Unfortunately, on the 3rd day of December that same year, Davis died. This would be the first of many tragedies and unusual circumstances to prevail. In this haunted guide to travel destinations in the United States, you will learn about the ghosts of the Point Lookout Lighthouse.

Located in what is referred to as “Point Lookout State Park”, Point Lookout Lighthouse is said to have been the source for many paranormal experiences throughout the time period that it has stood, providing light to those at sea. It has been said that this particular park has am immensely “grisly history” compared to other state parks located in the State of Maryland. Initially, this particular location was owned by a man by the name of Leonard Calvert. He was the very first Governor over the Maryland Colony. He owned at least two other manors and considered all of them to be part of what was called at that time, “St. Michael’s Manor”. This area became known as a “resort”. Individuals visiting could enjoy carefree summers, beach cottages on the sandy shores of the area, and other activities. Unfortunately, as the Civil War came into effect, Point Lookout experienced tremendous financial complications.

The government elected to lease out the resort and construct what was known as “Hammond General Hospital”. The hospital was used to treat soldiers that fought in the year, and gave a storage area for casualties that were part of the army of the North. Eventually, a camp that would be used as a prison was established on the grounds so that an area for soldiers of the confederacy imprisonment could take place. This area then became known as “Camp Hoffman”. Forts were established to ensure the overall security of the prison. Today, the fort that is referred to as “Fort Lincoln” continues to stand. Eventually, the prison would crowd to such an immense level that at any given time, 20,000 detainees were present.


There are a large number of hauntings that are said to occur at the Point Lookout Lighthouse. Many visitors and employees both have experienced paranormal based situations. A team that investigated the structure and surrounding area has identified numerous findings in their research of the area. These findings include the following:

Various voices, both male and female, have been identified on recordings conducted during paranormal investigations. A female voice was recorded in saying “My Home”, while a male voice was documented in ordering someone “Fire if they get too close”. These are not the only voices recorded, but among the most popular that are documented.

A female apparition that has been speculated to be one of the former residents, Ann Davis, has been seen standing amidst the top section of the stairs. This apparition is said to be wearing a shirt that is white in color and a skirt that is long and blue.

Throughout several areas of the Point Lookout Lighthouse, immense temperature drops have been documented. Naturally, there was no rational explanation on why this occurred. Furthermore, the “chills” were felt at various locations in and around the lighthouse.

Smells that are described as something very “sour” or “rotten” have been experienced by an assortment of individuals in the area of one specific room. A noted paranormal investigator by the name of “Dr. Holzer” noticed that when the mention of “tormented spirits” or “Confederate sympathies” was mentioned, the smells seem to go away.

Pictures that have been taken in the area have displayed many unusual sightings. One particular picture displays what appears to be a spectral based spirit of a soldier. This picture was taken during a séance conducted in the 1970s.

If you want to visit a location that is haunted, the Point Lookout Lighthouse is the place to go. You will enjoy the ghosts that are associated with this area.

Point Lookout State Park
11175 Point Lookout Road
Scotland, MD

You can find information on night time paranormal investigations at the lighthouse on this website:

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