The Most Haunted Hotel in Portland Oregon:

The White Eagle Pub

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The White Eagle Pub is believed to be the most haunted hotel in Portland, Oregon. Built beneath the immense Fremont Bridge in a style that was common in the year of 1899, this hotel stands as a popular location for leisure, as well as spiritual activity. While a number of popular figures have frequented this popular hotel, many of those that are interested in the paranormal have been naturally attracted to this location. Here, I will share some of the spooky tales from the most haunted hotel in Portland, The White Eagle Pub – where you can get more than a drink and a place to stay!

The Haunting Tales

The first haunting tale surrounds the owners of the haunted hotel. They were working in the area that is upstairs immediately after they made the purchase. They decided to rest and have a bite to eat, and sat down in the upstairs hall. Nearly immediately, all of the doors in the hall opened. I am not talking slightly, either, they slammed open! It was then that they heard the frightening cry of a woman coming from the room at their very opposite, at the end of the hall. Immediately, the two owners got out of dodge. Shortly thereafter, they locked the access to the upstairs area, never to let anyone else up there.

There have been many visitors, and even the current owners, have heard the sounds of crying, people walking, and various other sounds. These are most common near the area where the stage is, but these individuals can tell that the sounds are coming from the upper level of The White Eagle Pub. Many people have wanted to visit the top floor, but the owner insists that he will not allow anyone in the area – not only due to the fact that it can make for a very frightening experience, but for the fact that he strongly feels as if someone may become injured in one way or another based on the simple fact that the spirits seem to be quite powerful, and appear as if they want to be left alone.

It is believed that there is a spirit that walks on the main floor, and visits the basement area quite frequently. This spirit has been deemed with the name of “Barney”. It is unknown as to whether this is a residual haunting, or an intelligent haunting, but the presence of this apparition is apparent regardless of the type of haunting he is. He does seem to be benevolent, and does not seem to do more than catch guests off guard and stir their emotions up a little bit.


If you are in the mood to experience some true fright, you may want to visit the most haunted hotel in Portland, Oregon, The White Eagle Pub – where you are served more than just fresh brew! Get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the White Eagle Pub.

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