The Haunted Copper Queen Hotel

The Copper Queen Hotel has been rumored to be haunted by various individuals all throughout history. Construction on this amazing hotel was finalized in the year of 1902. This structure was created in a town by the name of Bisbee that is located in Arizona. It was created in an effort to bring a place of luxury, relaxation, and comfort to individuals who were considered to be socially elite. This structure was built by a mining company called “Phelps Dodge”. In this article, you will be educated on the hauntings that are said to occur at the Copper Queen Hotel.

This particular hotel has been said to be the single oldest hotel that remains to be completely operational in all of Arizona. It is absolutely no wonder that many believe that this particular hotel is stated to have paranormal activity that occurs in and around it. The four stories of this hotel, which was built in a Victorian style construction, has housed several guests and employees throughout the years. This hotel was particular popularly among those that were in the mining industry, or wanted to get their share of the deposits in the mines that were located near the hotel.

There are numerous connections to the hotel. These connections include individuals who have stayed in the exquisite hotel, those who have worked in the establishment, and those who have had ties to the establishment through the means of the guests and employees. It is actually no surprise that it is believed that several spirits actually roam the halls and rooms of the structure. The unexplained phenomenon that is said to occur in this structure includes unusual sounds, strange smells that linger in the air, voices that seem to echo from the walls, cold breezes in warm areas, and even apparitions. The individuals who have experienced these issues are absolutely convinced that there is an issue…an issue that includes spirits from a world that is not ours.

There is a tale of a spirit that is a female in the Copper Queen Hotel. Several male guests and employees have stated that they have heard what appears to be a woman whispering very quietly in their ear. It is believed that, in real life, this woman served as an entertainer of men. It is not known as to whether or not she was an actual prostitute, or a female that was simply inclined to the male gender. The Copper Queen Hotel has taken this spirit so seriously that they dedicated a room to her memory. It is often called the “Julia Lowell Room”, as it is believed that this spirit is Julia herself. In some instances, men have claimed that this spirit dances in a seductive manner in their rooms, and then simply turns into a smoke that is white in color and relatively bright. If you would like to experience Julia for yourself, this hotel should be at the top of your haunted places to go to do list.

Next, we have a spirit of a young child who is a male lingering in and around the haunted Copper Queen Hotel. It has been said that the boy could be around the age of eight. It is believed that this child died through the means of drowning. Rumors have it that he came to this structure in an effort to seek out his parents, or someone close to him that served as an employee. It is said that this spirit is quite playful when it comes to guests. He enjoys moving objects from one location to another, running throughout the halls, and if you listen carefully, you may hear the faint echoes of his laughter. There are currently no documented cases of seeing the apparition of this child, but several account to hearing him, seeing objects move that he plays with, and hearing him.

As you can see, there are several hauntings that are said to occur in the Copper Queen Hotel. If you are interested in seeking out haunted places to go, it is quite likely that this particular hotel may draw your interest. If you will be in or around the area of Bisbee Arizona, you should consider booking your stay at the haunted Copper Queen Hotel! Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Copper Queen Hotel.

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