A Haunted Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Plains Hotel

Hotel Sign

The Plains Hotel is a haunted hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This magnificent hotel opened its doors in the year of 1911. This was a time in which the city that the hotel is located in, Cheyenne was often referred to as “The Magic City of the Plains”. The concept of the hotel was originally offered by a man by the name of Thomas Heaney. The individuals who he presented this idea to seem to agree with him, and the hotel opened its doors for the very first time approximately two years later. Here, you will learn a great deal of information about the Plains Hotel, a haunted hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

A Tragic Tale of Love and Lust

The Plains Hotel houses a tragic tale of love and lust. As a matter of fact, this is the one event that led to the first opinion that the establishment was haunted. The hotel was a grand event – just to look at. However, many travelers, individuals looking for high class amenities, and those taking special vacations often resided in the hotel. One year, a newlywed couple decided to spend their honeymoon at the luxurious hotel. The bride’s name has been said to be “Rosie”. There is no conclusive name for the groom, but the story revolves around him, and a terrible choice that would result in murder and suicide.

It is believed that the groom decided to leave the room that he and his new bride shared in order to acquire a drink from the bar that had been built on the lower level of the haunted hotel. While he was there, he apparently began a conversation with a lady who was believed to be a prostitute of the time. In the meantime, his new bride became anxious for his return and sought out to seek him. She arrived just in time to see her husband interacting with the female. While there, she observed the two leaving together, and walking to an upstairs room.

Naturally, she followed her husband. It is believed that she was carrying a weapon and entered the room that her husband entered. Once discovering them interacting in a sexual manner, she murdered them both and then turned the weapon on herself. It is unknown as to whether she left and came back with the gun, as well as what type of gun was used in the implication of the crime. It is evident, though, that she was completely distraught at the scene in which she discovered, and could not live with what she had done, and that all three people died that night.

The Fatal Push

The tragic tale of love and lust is not the only haunted tale from the Plains Hotel. There is also a tale of what we will call “the fatal push”. While there is not a lot of information concerning this, it is known that an individual became extremely angry with another guest and pushed them out of a window to their death. The victim was pushed from the 4th floor window, and died on impact.

The Restless Spirits

It is believed that all four of the individuals who met their deaths in the hotel have remained in this establishment. There have been sounds of laughter and crying from the fourth floor, where all the deaths occurred. In addition to this, apparitions have been seen, and strange noises have occurred on the floor, as well as several locations throughout the Plains haunted hotel. Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Historic Plains Hotel!

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