The Hauntings of the Ben Lomond Hotel

Throughout history, the hauntings of the Ben Lomond Hotel have drawn the interests of the public, as well as paranormal investigators from around the world.

Located on Washington Boulevard in the city of Ogden, Utah, this hotel has a long history of legends and rumors that there are guests of the spiritual type that apparently never left the structure. Replacing what was referred to as the “Reed Hotel”; the Ben Lomond Hotel was constructed in the year of 1927. Originally, this structure was called the “Bigelow Hotel”. In the year of 1933, a new owner took possession of the building and established it as the “Ben Lomond Hotel”. Here, you will learn about the spectacular hauntings that are said to occur in this building.

There are many distinct features about this haunted hotel. First, it acquired its name based on mountains that are located in the Highlands of Scotland in the south region of the area. The owner, who was named Marriner Eccles, elected to use this particular name due to the fact that he loved the mountain region so much. In addition to this, it is the absolutely tallest structure to date that has been erected in the town of Ogden. When evaluating the history of the hotel, you will find that it, along with a couple of others, are considered to be the most popular and “grand” businesses that provide lodging to customers in the State of Utah. However, the Ben Lomond Hotel is the only one that actually operates as a functional business to travelers and locals alike. Last but not least by any means, the haunted hotel is an immense thirteen stories! However, the first two stories are underneath the ground.

Ben Lomond HotelIn the early history of the hotel, things were not so “grand”. Legend tells of the fact that it was used as a type of boarding house. The characters that interacted in, around, and even underneath the hotel were less than prominent and socially prestigious. During the time of the ever-popular Prohibition, several individuals came together in order to construct a tunnel that could be use for the purpose and intent of smuggling various types of alcohol and other crimes. It was not at all unusual for one to witness those who indulged in criminal activity, prostitutes, and even those involved in gangs and drugs to linger in and out of the hotel.

The first ghostly legend that is related to the hotel is one that involves both a mother and her son – but at different times in history. The first incident occurred in the room of 1102. This story tells of a lady who was spending her honeymoon at the spectacular hotel. The night of her wedding, something happened and she ended up dying by the means of drowning in the tub that is in the room. Guests who have stayed in the room have documented many unusual events, such as the water in the tub of the room running, attempting to fill the tub. Many have had physical encounters in which it felt as if they were being physically pushed by an unseen force.

Shortly after the initially tragedy, the bride’s son was said to have come to the hotel in order to acquire his mother’s personal items and to be told of the accident. He was permitted to stay in the room beside where his mother passed, 1101. The man was so distraught to hear of his mother’s tragic fate, that he became severely depressed. The night that he stayed in the room, he elected to take his life in an effort to join his mother. Today, there are several accounts of voices as if someone is talking, visions of physical apparitions, and even personal encounters in which visitors and staff has come face to face with these tormented souls.

Interestingly, the elevators located at the Ben Lomond Hotel are said to act in an odd manner. Despite the fact that no one is operating the elevator, it is said that they often seem to operate on their own. This includes moving up and down the floors, and even stopping on certain floors with absolutely no direction from the living. In the night hours when staff is on duty, they will often report the elevator opening in the area of the lobby, and then traveling to the tenth floor of the structure. While there, it remains for quite a long time. Could this be spirits? If you have the opportunity to visit the Ben Lomond Hotel in Ogden, Utah, stop by and see for yourself! Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Ben Lomond Hotel.

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