Signs of Paranormal Activity at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado

Is the Brown Palace Hotel Haunted?

Is the Brown Palace Hotel Haunted?

In July of 2014, my teenage sons, husband, and I stayed at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado for a total of five days. We were in the area for a business trip; however, we also wanted to visit and stay in the historic district of the city. Constructed in the year of 1892, this particular hotel is rich in history and situated in close proximity to the areas that we needed to visit for business and wanted to visit for recreational purposes. While we did expect to view some of the history of the area, we did not expect to experience – what we considered to be – signs of paranormal activity while visiting the Brown Palace Hotel.

Our rooms were located on the 8th floor of the hotel. My husband and I shared one room and our teenage sons shared another room. Our room was near the elevator and our sons’ room was just a little way down. One night – after dinner – we decided to go to their room. I was sitting in the chair and taking random pictures of the room to capture its beauty and décor. My Android cell phone immediately started acting very odd. The flashlight came on randomly and would not go off. I turned the device off, but the flashlight stayed on.

It was then that I thought of paranormal activity and
jokingly offered to turn on the EMF meter that we had brought with us for the purpose and intent of investigating historical locations throughout the town. Everyone agreed and I turned the EMF meter on. Immediately, wild numbers were displayed – indicating a “presence” in an area on the side of the room. I kind of hid this fact from my sons because I did not want them to become frightened. I turned the meter off and just sat down for a little while longer and visited with them.

Suddenly, I started to feel very ill. My head started to hurt and my stomach just ached. It was then that I excused myself, went back to the room that my husband and I shared, and just laid down. Right after I left that room, I started to feel better, but I was perplexed at what had just happened. Later, I reviewed the pictures I had took. It was then that I truly believe that we had encountered some signs of paranormal activity.

There was an unexplained, ghostly image – white in color. I showed the picture to my husband. He, too, was perplexed and could not offer an explanation. In addition to this, the light to indicate messages on the phone kept blinking. There were no messages, though. When we asked the front desk about it, it was something that they could not explain.

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