The Haunted History of the Gold Hill Hotel in Nevada

The haunted history of the Gold Hill Hotel in Nevada has been talked about for years. Originally dubbed as “The Riesen House”, it is believed that this structure was completed in full prior to the year of 1862.

This hotel started as a stone structure, but then sometimes in the 1860’s, a man by the name of H.M Vesey obtained ownership and added the wood part of the building. It was then that the hotel really started gaining popularity. Here, you will learn about the haunted history of this famous hotel in Nevada.

The Gold Hill Hotel is located just outside of the popular Virginia City. The town that the hotel is located in is actually called Gold Hill and for a very good reason – in the early days of the establishment of the city, several individuals discovered gold in the area. Shortly thereafter, a massive gold strike occurred in Virginia City. This resulted in several travelers going through Gold Hill and actually electing to stay at the hotel. Not only was it an ideal location to stay when heading to the popular city, but there were several different types of mines where gold was discovered in the area, which kept people coming and staying.

One of the most popular mines for visitors to the Gold Hill Hotel was the one that was called “Yellow Jacket”. Back in the 1800’s, people who explored this particular mine would use candles to see inside of the area. Unfortunately, many did not consider the gases that are typically emitted in the closed spaces inside the mine. As a result, one day, there was a dangerous fire. This happened in the year of 1873. As a result of the massive fire, 37 different individuals working in the mine were killed. The miners were trapped underneath the debris that resulted from the fire. It is said that the hotel is now haunted by the spirits of those that were killed.

It is said by many that the apparitions of the spirits killed by the fire are still lingering around the mines, and frequent the Gold Hill Hotel. Several people who have stayed in the structure have commented on paranormal activity. Many have stated that they have actually seen apparitions of men who appear to be miners. It is not known whether all the apparitions have been residual type hauntings or intelligent hauntings. However, for those that have experienced the hauntings, they have been extremely frightening. In addition to this, doors have been found to open and shut and even lock and unlock on their own in the hotel.

There is rumored to be a female spirit lingering in the Gold Hill Hotel in Nevada. The woman’s name is Rosie. Many have stated that this woman, in life, was known to wear perfume that smelled of Roses. The woman is said to be a tiny framed female who dresses in apparel that looks as if it is from the 1800’s. She has red hair and often lingers in one particular room. In another area is the distinct smell of cherry pipe tobacco. This ghost is said to be named William. It seems that he is a distinguished gentleman that wears a Derby style hat and smokes from his pipe as he lingers throughout the hotel.

There is a long haunted history associated with the Gold Hill Hotel in Nevada. Several people have visited the establishment, and several people have died in and/or near the hotel. Several decades of mining, violence, and other activities have made this hotel what it is today. If you are seeking out places that are said to be haunted, you will be delighted in what awaits you at the Gold Hill Hotel. Get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Gold Hill Hotel.

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