Haunted Places in Kentucky:

Bobby Mackey's Music World

A.K.A. Hell's Gate

One of the most haunted places in Kentucky occurs in the city of Wilder, and is the famous Bobby Mackey's Music World. Today, this building serves as a popular nightclub for those that have an interest in country music. In the 1800's on the same property that this establishment stands, there was a building where animals were slaughtered for the purpose and intent of providing meats to local markets. The slaughterhouse stayed in operation for just over forty years. Since this time, the building has been reconstructed, but the well in which the blood and remains of the animals still remains intact. Here, you will learn why most believe Bobby Mackey's Music World is one of the most haunted places in Kentucky today.

In the late 1800's, the building was no longer used to slaughter animals for local markets. Instead, it was left abandoned for a while. During this time, documents suggesting that a group of occult members exist stating that it is believed that this particular coven practiced many rituals inside the abandoned building. It appeared to some that the group would take small animals to the basement area to sacrifice to the gods that they worshiped, including Satan himself. When local authorities observed the bloody well in the basement area, they found what appeared to be remains from the animals that were believed to have been sacrificed by this coven.

By the year of 1896, the rituals practiced in the basement became public. This is because of the fact that a murder took place. A lady by the name of Pearl Bryan had been murdered. This was a prominent, attractive, and well sought after woman in her early twenties. Eventually, she was introduced to Scott Jackson who actually served as a member of the occult group. Eventually, Pearl became pregnant before marrying Jackson, so immediately an abortion was arranged in order to solve the issue at hand. Pearl agreed and informed her family that she would be going to Indianapolis. At the time in which she left, she had reached her fifth month of pregnancy.

Scott Jackson attempted to do the abortion himself. He used many different means, such as Cocaine, dental tools, and other techniques. However, nothing seemed to work. He was going to medical school at the time and apparently believed that he could pull off the procedure. Despite his best efforts, things took a turn for the worse. As a result, he and Pearl and his friend went over into Kentucky where they murdered Pearl using the dental instruments. Apparently, at the time in which they did this, Pearl was actually still very much alive despite being injured and bleeding profusely. In addition to this, they actually beheaded the lady when they murdered her.

The friend of Jackson, by the name of Alonzo Walling testified all of the details in the trial, which over 5,000 different people purchased tickets to. When investigators searched the home of Jackson, they discovered remnants of Pearl's hair in a vase. Walling stated that he was unsure of the location of the head, but that Jackson had taken it. Jackson would not admit to where the head was. Many believe it was used in some sort of ritual and disposed of in the well of blood. It is believed that they would not reveal where the head was because they felt as if they would suffer at the hands of Satan. The court offered them a sentence to life if they revealed, but they refused. They were immediately sentenced to death as a result.

It is believed that Walling knew what happened and that he was part of the occult as well. This is especially true as he promised his intentions to come back to the area and haunt everyone. Shortly after the men were hung, several of the individuals connected to the case were introduced to tragedies in their lives. The slaughterhouse was destroyed several years later and another building was constructed. It served as a type of tavern where many gambled, and many murders took place. However, they were all typically unsolved. Eventually, a new owner by the name of Brady took over and the establishment turned into a Casino. Mobsters scared him out of the place, and he actually took his own life in the last half of 1965.

Eventually, after several owners and several struggles, a couple named Janet Mackey and her husband, Bobby Mackey, purchased the building and transformed it into the club today. The initial caretaker, who lived upstairs, started noticing lights turning on after he had turned them off, strange and unusual sounds, and even doors being unlocked. Eventually, he would see an apparition behind the bar who appeared to be a man who held a lot of hostility. Then, he ran into Johanna, a spirit of a woman who had apparently killed herself because her dad had murdered a man who had gotten her pregnant when he owned the building.

While many initially thought the caretaker was mentally insane, eventually they came to experience the hauntings of this location as well. The reason this is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Kentucky is that several ghosts have been seen, several items have been seen to move and float on their own, and other strange, paranormal events have taken place here - both in past and in present. Here, you have been introduced to a small piece of the history of the Bobby Mackey's Music World, but in order to experience the paranormal firsthand, you must visit yourself. Then, you will see why this is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Kentucky today.

44 Licking Pike
Wilder, KY
(859) 431-5588

Here is a video on some of the hauntings at Bobby Mackey's

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