Haunted Tales of Warehouse 31

St. Augustine, Florida

Recently,Warehouse 31, a warehouse building with a frightening history opened in what is often called "The Nation's Oldest City", St. Augustine, Florida. This immense 18,000 square foot building was converted into a frightening "Haunted House" in preparation for the Halloween holiday. Current plans as far as when this frightening structure is open include the entire month of October. However, as time progresses, there may be a possibility that Warehouse 31 will open various times of the year - not just during the Halloween season. For those of us who enjoy a good scare, we would love to have year round access! Throughout this guide on haunted places to go, you will be introduced to the haunted tales of Warehouse 31 and be given details on the attraction itself.

In an area located on West Davis Industrial Drive in the apparently haunted city of St. Augustine, Warehouse 31 once stood abandoned due to a long history of unusual events. Identified in the early days of its history as "STORAGE 3-1", many found this to be unusual due to the fact that it had been used by a large number of tenants throughout its tenure at the location. The businesses that implemented use of this structure eventually came to experience complications. The problems experienced by these companies show a resemblance to complications often experienced in places that are said to host paranormal activity.

For example, the local Wal-Mart store rented the space. A group of skilled employees who worked to assemble various types of furniture would go to the structure to do so. However, these individuals eventually started complaining of an ongoing case of feeling sick. Paranormal investigations have discovered that when spirits are believed to be nearby, individuals may develop symptoms such as feeling sick. Wal-Mart eventually moved out and a company by the name of Mayflower, Inc. moved in and stored merchandise there. Unfortunately, their merchandise, which was furniture, was repeatedly coming up missing. While it is believed that the furniture was "stolen" by local authorities, there is no explanation as to how this could have occurred based on the high level of security in place.

A business by the name of "Skul/Bonz Studio" moved into Warehouse 31 shortly after Mayflower Inc moved out. This was a sound studio that worked to assist those who wanted to record music tracks. Despite the fact that the equipment used to record these songs was working appropriately, there were no "clean" recordings. All seem to come back with sounds that are believed to be "White Noise". It was common for sounds such as hissing, and various degrees of static to be heard when the songs were played back for quality purposes. Despite attempts to locate a source for the complication, none was found and the recording studio had to be relocated.

Are these cases a matter of coincidence, or is Warehouse 31 actually haunted or possessed by a supernatural being or beings? In evaluating the deeper history of the storage facility, it is believed there is a possibility that something spiritual, something evil lurks in the 18,000 square feet. It is believed it was brought forth by a religious cult known as the "Church of the Light Bearer".

What is the Church of the Light Bearer?

The Church of the Light Bearer is known as a "Luciferian Cult". If you evaluate the translation of the name "Lucifer", you will find that it translates into "Light-Bearer" from the Latin language. Individuals who become involved in this occult sect believe that Lucifer is the "Bringer of Light" and that he is a solid representation of both wisdom as well as self-illumination. On the website for "The Church of Adversarial Light", it states: "Lucifer represents the angelic or higher aspects of the Self, thus is a power archetype and spirit of ascension and wisdom."

Parson Al Whist and His Followers

In the year of 2001, a man who was identified as "Parson Al Whist" was known as one who would travel in various locations delivering a message that often instilled hope. He came to gain a group of people who would follow him from one location to another, literally hanging on every word he delivered. One lady who stumbled upon this man in Georgia stated that he had what she called a "beautiful voice" and his words as "important". There was another individual who stumbled upon Whist and actually visited a meeting of his. He described the situation as "something that wasn't right". This is mostly because he never implemented the use of a Bible, and he never mentioned God or Jesus, only "the Father".

By the time the year 2006 was in full swing, Parson Whist relocated to the area of St. Augustine, Florida. He acquired a follower by the name of Joy Cofield and she willingly donated a small section of land that could be used to construct a building for the Church of the Light Bearer's worship services. There was a complication, though. The religious group did not have the funds necessary to do this. Whist then decided it best to rent space where belongings could be placed that were important to the group until there was enough money for construction. The building rented was Warehouse 31, or "STORAGE 3-1" as it was identified at that time.

As time progressed, the individuals who worked at the storage facility in the late evening and night hours started to notice that Parson and his followers were in and out of the building on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, it appeared as if they had literally moved into the building themselves! It was not unusual for the group to be seen in decorative, yet dark robes, gathered in circles, holding hands, and chanting in what appeared to be a language other than English. The aura surrounding this group was so intense that workers actually began avoiding going anywhere near the location.

The Shocking Discoveries

In the year of 2007, the storage owners contacted authorities to evict the sect as they discovered that they were renting the structure for more than simple storage. They were actually holding their "services" in the building. By the time the local law enforcement agency arrived to follow through on the eviction, the group had disappeared - in more ways than one. However, they did leave behind some shocking evidence pertaining to their occult practices. Various types of graffiti, writing that authorities found to be highly disturbing, and evidence of their practices were discovered. Among these, blood and what appeared to be sacrifices were also discovered.

The Beast

The frightening history of Warehouse 31 often includes stories of what appear to be paranormal activity and pure evil. One of the evil tales surrounding the structure involves what is referred to as "The Beast". As early as the year of 1997, a witness spoke of the creature. He described the creature as one that looked like "a gargoyle with enormous bat-like wings" which he said was located among some trees near where he was driving that night. There was another witness who stated that "The Beast" looked like "an alligator with wings". Locals and even previous owners have stated that this creature is an alligator as the structure is located near water. However, for those who have witnessed what they call "The Beast", they feel it is much more. Considering the fact that many dead carcasses have been located in and around the structure, and that the press release was made on the mysterious religious sect, many are convinced he is a demon the group conjured up.

The Evil Impact

Today, it is said that when an individual who has a high sense of faith enters the structure, many unusual events occur. These events include fainting, and even bleeding from the ears. Strange sounds have been heard, fleeting glimpses of dark masses and shadows, and high levels of intense fear have been experiences. In the meantime, no one knows the location of Parson Al Whist or his followers, despite the fact that it appears they still worship and are seeking to recruit on their website listed at: http://www.churchofthelightbearer.info . Are spirits lurking in Warehouse 31? Is there an evil presence within the building? Does a demonic beast lurk around the structure seeking the presence of his human host? You can now decide for yourself!

The Warehouse 31 Haunted House Attraction

A group dedicated to upholding the apparent haunted history of Warehouse 31 has spent an approximate amount of $400,000 transforming the spooky building into a haunted house attraction. Exquisite detail and high levels of creativity has been placed into the development of the attraction. Many special effects straight in from Hollywood have been used to enhance the fear visitors experience while walking through the building. These effects include various types of lighting, sound systems, and even pyrotechnics. The Warehouse 31 haunted house is now identified as "Northeast Florida's Most Terrifying Haunted Attraction". You may learn about the features of the attraction and ticket information by visiting Warehouse 31 on the web at: http://www.warehouse31.com/index.php

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