Haunted Places in Texas

Yorktown Memorial Hospital

"I know for a fact there is a lot of ghosts here. "
Caretaker Mike Hanson

There are many haunted places in Texas that draw the interest of paranormal investigators and those that have an interest in the possibility that life goes on after death. The Yorktown Memorial Hospital, which is located approximately seventy five miles southeast of the popular town San Antonio, are one of those quiet locations that not too many people hear too much about. However, the residents of Yorktown, Texas and those that have been in and around this particular structure are starting to speak of the unexplained phenomenon and events that seem to be paranormal based. In this haunted places to go ghost guide on haunted places in Texas, you will learn about the real ghost stories that surround the Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

The Caretaker’s Story

As with any old building, there are often many stories surrounding buildings that have stood in isolation for lengthy amounts of time. The same holds true for several haunted places in Texas. However, according to the caretaker that is directly responsible for overseeing the basic care and maintenance of the Yorktown Memorial Hospital, there are many unexplained occurrences that have taken place and continue to take place that indicate that spirits must roam the corridors and various rooms of the building. This hospital once stood as a rehabilitation center for individuals that abused various types of drugs and alcohol. It is known that the hospital was constructed in the year of 1950 and it closed in the 1980s. It consists of thirty thousand square feet of space. This space includes a chapel, a main floor, a basement, and living space on the second floor.

The caretaker that has reported on the apparent hauntings of this hospital is named Mike Hanson. He quoted to reporters at one point, “I know for a fact there is a lot of ghosts here”. When explaining the experiences that he has had in the structure, he mentioned the fact that he had seen a large number of black objects. When describing the size of these objects he compared them to an adult German shepherd. He also expressed the fact that he observed a full body apparition that was a male standing in front of the section of the hospital known as the chapel. In addition to observing these things, one of the most frightening recollections that he has is personally observing red, glowing eyes on more than one occasion.

As the caretaker continued to speak of his experiences in the Yorktown Memorial he described the events that occur near the nurse’s station. If the lights are on in this area, everything seems to be calm and he seems to be alone. However, if he turns the lights off, he has observed many individuals walking around. There are many that appear to be normal and could possibly be described as guests. However, there are many that look as if they are patients that belong in a hospital. Additionally, a staircase is kept closed off in the front of the building by a door with a pane of glass. Each evening, it is said that it sounds as if there is a tapping or rapping on this glass pane.

The Ghostly Sounds of Music

A well-known paranormal team by the name of “Central Texas Ghost Hunters” went in to research the haunted hospital. This team is headed up by a woman that worked as a freelance writer and performed as a stay at home mom. Her name is Brandy Runyan. This ghost hunting team is made up of professionals that work to create actual case files on apparent haunted places in Texas. Unlike other ghost hunters that simply engage in this in hopes of experiencing the paranormal firsthand, this team is professionally and scientifically established. When this team went in to research the building, they took along audio recording equipment. Amazingly, they were able to capture the sound of organ music while investigating the area of the haunted hospital that is known as the chapel.


Founded by the religious group known as the “Felician Sisters” that were part of the Roman Catholic Church, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital originally served as a rehabilitation center for those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. The center eventually closed and the structure sat abandoned for nearly two decades. It appears as if the spirits of those that have deceased may still be lurking in the corridors, trying to escape the tormented life that they once led. For those that have experienced the ghosts in haunted places in Texas, the experiences that have occurred at this haunted hospital are the most memorable. If you are interested in conducting your own paranormal investigation, you may contact the Yorktown Memorial Hospital by calling 210-748-4475.You may also email the hospital at: yorktownhospital@live.com

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