The Haunted Cedar Grove Mansion Inn and Restaurant

The haunted Cedar Grove Mansion Inn and Restaurant in Mississippi is a popular location when it comes to unexplained phenomenon and ghostly experiences. Considered to be one of the largest types of inn and restaurant structures in the area, it attracts several visitors a year. However, visitors do not just come to experience the food and the sleep accommodations at the structure; they also come to experience the paranormal activity that is believed to occur in the structure. Here, you will learn about the haunted Cedar Grove Mansion Inn and Restaurant.

Historical Highlights

When it comes to historical highlights, the Cedar Grove Mansion has many! John Klein, a noted entrepreneur and wealthy individual had a number of skills and talents when it came to his business. He had experience in architecture, as well as the industries of cotton, lumber, and even jewelry. In addition to this, he was also a successful banker. When he was 28 years of age, he met and fell in love with a girl of 14 named Elizabeth Day. Two years later, the couple was married. He purchased the mansion and gave it to his lovely wife when they married as a gift to display his love for his new wife.

Elizabeth and John eventually had a total of ten children, all of which who lived in the immense structure. Unfortunately, three of the children passed away due to various infections and conditions. However, the medical care or pediatrics of that time was not as structured and sound as it is today. Eventually, John would go to war, Elizabeth would be moved to safety, and the home would be transformed into a medical facility for a short time. However, once all the fighting stopped, the family returned to the home, and lived in the structure until around the year of 1919. It was at this time when someone who was not related to the Klein’s purchased the home. This is when renovations occurred and it was turned into a popular Inn and Restaurant.


There were several graves located on the property when it was purchased. It was believed that they belonged to the children that passed away from the Klein family. The first child was a daughter who is believed to have passed away from some type of disease or infection. Two of the children were infants that passed away due to what is believed to bethe “crib”death of the time, and one is believed to be a teenage son that was accidentally shot. Many individuals have claimed to hear infants crying, seeing an apparition of a young girl playing, and even what seemed to be an older boy who disappeared in front of their eyes….

It is believed that several men who were treated in the home when it was temporarily transformed into a medical facility passed away during their treatment. In some cases, people have heard people talking, moaning as if in pain, and have seen the apparitions and half apparitions of individual men who seem to be dressed in soldier type clothing. These hauntings do not seem to be intelligent, but rather residual in basis. This basically means that the energy of the events that unfolded during this time period seem to be replaying themselves over and over again in the mansion.

It is believed that John and Elizabeth Klein still reside in the home in spirit. Both of these spirits seem to enjoy the individuals that visit the mansion and often seem to be checking in on guests and making sure that the business is operating smoothly. Naturally, the guests that experience these two spirits are quite startled but the employees and regular guests to the Cedar Grove Mansion Inn and Restaurant are no longer surprised by these spirits, and seem to accept them as part of the rich history of the location.

If you are looking for a location that you can visit that is considered to be haunted, but seems to pose no physical threat to your well-being, you may enjoy taking a trip to the Cedar Grove haunted inn and restaurant. Here, you are likely to experience a number of hauntings, and other types of unexplained phenomenon! If you have visited this haunted mansion in Mississippi, we would love to hear all about your haunted tales! Please feel free to submit your story on our ghost story submission page!

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