The Haunted Battery Carriage House Inn

The Battery Carriage House Inn located in Charleston, South Carolina is reputed to be haunted. It is not surprising considering the fact that the year in which the history of this structure and the grounds that it is located on started officially in the month of June in the year of 1843. A man by the name of Samuel Stevens purchased the land for the amount of $4,500.00. The structure was established in the area so that local plantation owners could benefit from the earnings of the establishment. This provided additional funding for crops, as well as more buyers for the crops that were cultivated during this historical period of time. In this essential guide to the hauntings of South Carolina, you will learn about the spiritual manifestations that are believed to roam in and around the Battery Carriage House Inn.

The Battery Carriage House Inn has been appropriately deemed “The Most Haunted Inn” in the Charleston area. Since the year of 1992, several reports that seem to indicate paranormal activity have been documented by employees, as well as guests visiting the popular structure. The stories have been repeated by such a variety of individuals that the tour guide that leads visitors on a historical glimpse of the structure will detail particular ghost stories while expounding on the historical notations of interest. The first of the stories surrounding paranormal events at the inn in Charleston, South Carolina includes that of the mournful “gentleman”.

The “gentleman” ghost that is believed to haunt the luxurious inn is believed to have been a caller in real life. It is believed that he performed in this position in order to compensate his college studies. His presence is most often felt in and around the room that is identified with the number “10”. Individuals who have observed this spirit have stated that he is young and particularly well-dressed. They also claim that he appears to be relatively young. Many female guests have woke up to discover this spirit simply lying beside them.

While he is not engaging in any type of harmful behaviors, it is frightening to discover a ghost in bed with you! Those that have expressed fear verbally state that he quickly leave the room – typically through the wall that is the quickest route for him. It is believed that this is a spirit of a younger man who resided at the home with his family in its earliest days. Rumor has it that he was overcome with depression and jumped from the top of the building, and met his tragic end of the physical world and emerged into the spiritual world.

The next spirit that seems to haunt the inn is that of a soldier that is believed to be from the era of the Civil War. While this particular spirit does not seem to want to cause issues with the guests, he has been noted as the most “frightening” of all the spiritual encounters that one may come across at this structure. This is because of the fact that he is not in the form of a pleasant full body apparition, but he is actually just a torso! That is right! There are no arms, no legs, and frightening of all – no head! Those that have experienced this spirit first hand state that it is a devastating experience. The apparition seems to make sort of a “growling” sound that is believed to be a direct result of his form.

In addition to the above mentioned spirits, there are other types of paranormal activity that is said to occur in the Battery Carriage House Inn. This unexplained phenomenon involves glowing lights and shadows. When these lights and shadows are viewed by visitors and/or employees, it always seems to occur in and around the same area. Many refer to this as the “Ghost Congregation”. It is unknown as to what particular course of historical events contributes to this unexplained phenomenon, but for the individual that experiences it, it is a frightening experience! If you are seeking haunted places to go in the South United States, the Battery Carriage House Inn in Charleston, South Carolina will make for an interesting stay! Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Battery Carriage House Inn.

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