The Haunted Landmark Inn

The haunted Landmark Inn in the downtown area of the city of Marquette in the State of Michigan was initially brought into existence in the year of 1910. For several years, individuals shared ideas on the development of the structure, as well as the services that would be offered to the general public. Finally, in the year of 1917, the groundwork for the establishment was in full swing. On the cool, sunny day of January 8th, in the year of 1930, the hotel opened for business. It offered guests a large assortment of rooms and services like none other in the area at the time. While a successful operation to start with, the structure eventually had to close to the public in the year of 1982 due to much needed repairs and renovations. In this guide to haunted places to go in Michigan , you will learn about the history and hauntings of this popular structure.

For approximately three decades, many notable names frequented the Landmark Inn in Marquette , Michigan . Room number 502 was visited by the popular Amelia Earhart. This occurred in the year of 1932. Just ten short years later, the comedians named Abbott and Costello stayed at the establishment. Throughout the history of the haunted Landmark Inn, several famous individuals visited. These names included, but are not limited to, Jim Harrison, Maya Angelou, Bill Cosby, and others. Travelers who were considered to be socially elite and locals would often lodge at this magnificent structure as well! It was considered to be one of the most beautiful and accommodating hotels in the entire State of Michigan.

The Landmark Inn in Michigan has been rumored to be haunted by several different individuals throughout history. Many simply visited the inn while traveling, while others worked at the inn. There are even a few paranormal research teams that have actually set up an all night investigation and walked away with what they believe to be evidence that the hauntings of the Landmark Inn do, in fact, exist. The first haunting of this inn is actually a love story that ended tragically. In the 1930s, it was common for ships to come in and out of the bay delivering and picking up merchandise. One crew member of the one of the boats frequented the city a lot. He would visit the local library and became the center of attention for one of the employees of the library.

Eventually, the lady librarian and the worker from the ship became friends. Naturally, over time, their love for one another was expressed and they made plans to spend their lives together. The decision was made that they would go ahead and reside in the town of Marquette once they married. The boat worker decided that it was best to give a proper notice to the boat for which he worked so that he position could be replaced properly and to collect his last payroll prior to officially resigning. Once he did this, his plan was to come back and wed the woman that he had fallen in love with. As he sailed for the last time, the ship wrecked due to a storm and he passed away. Seeing that the couple would meet on the 6th floor of the Landmark Inn, the lady went to that area to mourn her loss. It is said that she actually passed away shortly thereafter. Many today claim to see her apparition walking quietly on the floor and mourning to this day.

The Lilac Room in the Haunted Landmark Inn is one of the areas in which the mourning female apparition is located. However, this is not the only paranormal event that occurs in the room. Many strange and unexplained phenomenons have been experienced in this particular location. One of the strangest is reported by the hotel staff. The phone from the room often rings into the dispatch board for the operator. While this is not unusually paranormal, the fact that the room is locked and no one is residing in it makes the employees believe that it is a spirit. One man has reported and become angry at the fact that he has found screws in his bed – just under the sheets. Throughout history, many unexplained occurrences have happened in this room.

A murder is said to have occurred at the haunted Landmark Inn in Michigan . A man murdered a female when he discovered that she was not being honest with him about her other engagements with men. As a result, he immediately fell to anger and murdered her in his rampage of jealousy. Once this occurred, he took the body to the basement area of the structure – which was not finished at the time – and left her. The crew that worked to complete this area often reported hearing the crying and faint whispers of a female that appeared to urge them towards her. There are several reports of hauntings at this particular structure in Michigan . If you are seeking haunted places to go in the State of Michigan , be certain to put the haunted Landmark Inn on your agenda! Get the directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Landmark Inn.

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