The Haunted Hearthstone Inn Colorado Springs, Colorado

The haunted Hearthstone Inn in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a hot spot for paranormal activity. This is due, in part, to the fact that the Inn is actually two homes built into one, large structure. The Sumner House is one part of the establishment, and the Bemis house is another part of the establishment. Together, the homes create an immense structure that contain plenty of space for visitors – those who are physically alive, as well as the wandering souls who seem to be attracted to the area for one reason or another! Here, you will learn about the haunted Hearthstone Inn in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Imagine that you visit this Inn, and stay in a room where a mirror that is attached to one of the walls seems to come unattached, levitate in the air, and then fall to ground. I am not sure about you, but that would definitely indicate the presence of paranormal activity in my book! What if you were a housekeeping employee of the Inn and as you were cleaning one of the rooms, the door slams shuts behind you and locks? As you scream at the top of your lungs for help, no one seems to hear you? Would you consider the structure to be haunted? I would! These are some of the real experiences that individuals to the Hearthstone Inn have endured.

A number of employees and guests have been delightfully entertained by a small girl who enjoys playing on the beds throughout the building. It is believed that several guests have awaked to feel something pouncing on their bed – as if a small child is jumping up and down. This child is sometimes seen while engaging in this activity, and is sometimes unseen. She is also often viewed running throughout the structure and playing. In many documented cases of hauntings that have occurred in the home, guests and employees say that they can sometimes hear the chatter, giggles, singing, and humming of this lovely young spirit in various areas around the Inn.


We have learned that the Hearthstone Inn is no longer open for business and was sold and turned into a private residence. Please respect the privacy of the new owners.

506 N Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

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