Haunted Places in Wisconsin:

The Kewaunee Inn

One of the most popular places for ghost hunters when it comes to haunted places in Wisconsin is The Kewaunee Inn.

This is considered to be luxury accommodations for many individuals. It has large suites that come with Jacuzzi’s, lakeside rooms, and top notch customer service. However, if you stay at this inn, you are more than likely going to get the basics that you paid for! This spectacular inn is noted for being haunted and providing employees and guests alike with some rather interesting paranormal experiences! Here, you will learn about one of the most popular haunted places in Wisconsin, The Kewaunee Inn!

The Kewaunee Inn has a deep, enriching past that consists of many owners, as well as several different names. As ownership changed hands, the name also seemed to change hands. In addition to this, it was not unlikely for new owners to make one renovation or another so that the prestigious inn would suit their liking. It is rumored that approximately three spirits frequent this particular hotel – all of which have their place in the history of this structure! The individuals that most believe haunt the inn are that of William Karsten Sr. and his grandson, Billy Karsten. In addition to this, it is believed that a previous maid and/or housekeeper to the inn also haunts The Kewaunee Inn. Her name is “Agatha”.

William Karsten Sr.

William Karsten Sr. purchased The Kewaunee Inn which was, at the time, named “The Erichson Hotel” which was named so based on the previous owner, John Erichsen. This purchase took place in the year of 1911. William then changed the name to “The Karsten Hotel”. Unfortunately, come February of the following year, the structure took a hard hit from a fire. During the rest of that year, William Karsten Sr. worked diligently to rebuild and reopen. The new inn would come to offer many unique accommodations to guests. These included a large dining room, a bar, a basement, and over fifty different rooms! Being a retired Captain of a boat, and the mayor of Kewaunee, he had enough money that he could toy with in order to develop an exquisite customer experience like none other of the time!

This man was known to be friendly and outgoing. He shared his life with his wife, Catherine. They got married and started a family. He has been known to share with many that he simply adored Catherine and that she was the love of his life. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in the year of 1928, and Catherine passed away. Apparently, as noted by many, a large part of William passed away with her due to his loneliness and heartbreak. He developed an extremely close relationship with his grandson, Billy Karsten. Little Billy fulfilled him and brought him much happiness. They were always together! He ended up passing away on January 4th 1940. In just three short weeks later, little Billy fell ill and passed away. He was just five years old.

The following outlines events believed to be contributed to the spirit of William Karsten Sr.:

Cold spots have been reported to be in the same suite that William often stayed in.

• Many have felt as if they are being watched and there is nothing visibly watching.

• It is believed that when William gets upset, a sour smell enters the air and that he rearranges the furniture in the suite where he resided.

• Generally, he seems to be a nice, mild-mannered spirit that does not cause any trouble for employees and guests.

Billy Karsten

Billy Karsten was a loving child, full of energy. He simply adored his grandfather; William Karsten Sr. It has been said that these two spent as much time together as they possibly could. At the age of five, less than a month after his grandfather passed away, this child became ill and passed away as well. Many people have heard what appears to be a child running toward the suite in which his grandfather resided. In addition to this, children have claimed that they have played with a child that, by description, meets the characteristics of young Billy Karsten.


Agatha had quite the troubled life.In 1937 she finally had to leave The Kewaunee Inn to care for her father who was sick. It is believed that her spirit returned to the inn due to her love for Karsten Sr. The following represents some of the hauntings that are believed to be Agatha:

An apparition of a female ghost has said to have been observed sweeping the inn.

• One individual who works at The Kewaunee Inn stated that as she cleaned a room, and saw a figure of a maid in the mirror.

• There is a case where an employee stated that they were pushed – physically – by this spirit.


The Kewaunee Inn is a spectacular structure that has a long, long history. It has hosted many people from all walks of life. Many of these individuals walk the floors of this structure even in the afterlife. Listed as one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin, many individuals flock to this inn yearly. Do YOU dare? Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Kewaunee Inn.

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