Haunted Places in Oklahoma:

The Skirvin Hotel

The Skirvin Hotel is considered to be one of the most popular haunted places in Oklahoma.

Established in the year of 1910 by a wealthy man in the oil industry, W.B Skirvin, the main goal of the structure was to be the most popular and “finest” hotel establishment in the Southwest region of the United States. By the year of 1911, the Skirvin Hotel was open for business. The design incorporated the use of two towers that consisted of a staggering ten stories each. Contained within these two towers were two hundred and twenty four beautifully designed, elaborate rooms. One of the records that this famous hotel has is being among the first to provide air conditioning and cold running water to guests. In this haunted places to go historical guide, you will learn why the Skirvin Hotel is considered to be one of the most popular haunted places in Oklahoma.

In the late twenties, William Skirvin found himself experiencing a wide span of financial success in the oil industry. As a result, he invested millions of dollars in developing his cherished hotel. This included adding an additional section that consisted of fourteen stories and added his room total to an amazing five hundred and twenty five. Unfortunately, a little over a decade later, the United States suffered through World War 2 and the amazing hotel experienced a period of ruin. Just a couple of short years later, in 1944, W.B Skirvin passed away. A man by the name of Dan James who had his eye on the establishment immediately purchased the hotel in order to develop it and make improvements on the areas that experienced ruin. In the early sixties, investors from Chicago purchased the beautiful structure.

Unfortunately, the investors struggled to keep up the establishment and the hotel ended up going from one owner to another. It was not until the late seventies that the structure was placed on the National Register for places that are considered to be “Historic”. By this time, it was considered to be more than just “Historic”. It was actually considered to be one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma by those who visited it, or had any part of the many buy and sell transactions that took place.. A decade later, the establishment had to be closed due to the fact that it was in dire need of repair and basic renovation. In the year of 2002, it was finally purchased by Oklahoma City for restoration efforts. Successfully, the structure was reopened in the year of 2007.


The Skirvin Hotel is known as one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma for several reasons. One involves a female that is said to have had an affair with W.B Skirvin committed suicide by jumping to her death in the thirties. It is said that after becoming romantically involved with Skirvin, the woman became pregnant. Skirvin is said to have placed her on the fourteenth floor throughout the pregnancy and after. She became so distraught after continuously screaming to be released, that she jumped to her death and even held her baby while doing so. Many today claim to hear that desperate screams and cries within the structure that reflect the sound of this spirit. In addition to this, the echoing cries of her baby are heard, despite the fact that no child is within the establishment.

Many individuals who have visited the structure, and even those that work in the establishment claimed to have seen an apparition of a female who appears distraught and mentally distant simply standing by an open window, while others claim that they have seen her holding a child roaming aimlessly and with a blank expression pasted on her face. Many have expressed the fact that items in and around the haunted Skirvin Hotel seem to move all by themselves as if being handled by an invisible force. Many have claimed that a presence seems to linger around male guests in the haunted Skirvin Hotel. There have been numerous stories surrounding men that have observed a female apparition in their rooms, and even near where they were showering while staying at this popular haunted location.

If you are interested in visiting haunted places, you may be extremely interested in visiting haunted places in Oklahoma. On your list of haunted places to go, be certain to make a note to stop by the Skirvin Hotel. If you are able to, take a quick elevator up to the fourteenth floor and observe the spiritual residue of this popular resident haunt for yourself! Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Skirvin Hotel.

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