The Haunted Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Read House Hotel

The Read House Hotel is said to be the single most haunted hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

This hotel is often referred as the “Radisson Read House Hotel”. Located on Broad Street, this hotel has hosted several popular and notable characters throughout history. These include that of Andrew Johnson, Ronald Reagan, and many, many more!

Opened by loyal individuals during the Civil War under the name of Crutchfield House, this hotel has hosted many important events throughout history. To date, it is said that this hotel contains elements and spirits of both the past, and present, and will host them long into the future!

Located in the very elegant downtown area in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Read Hotel stands tall among the buildings that it resides with. In the year of 1863, it is reported that this structure served as a hospital for the Union Army. Unfortunately, just a few short years later, in 1867, the structure experienced a fire that would devastate it as a whole as a structure. A man and popular figure at the time, Dr. John T. Read decided to construct a new hotel in the same area where the original met its fate. The new hotel would be constructed in a Gregorian architectural design in the year of 1926. The new, ten story hotel, was built to replicate the original, yet with all of the modern necessities and luxuries.

Many murders, suicides, and natural types of death has been said to occur within the walls of both the old and the newly constructed Read Hotel. As a result of these situations throughout history, many hauntings have been stated to have occurred in this area. There is one room, in particular, that is said to have the most spooktacular experiences, and that is the room of 311. Many employees and guests that have been exposed to this particular room have stated that they have witnessed paranormal activity in this particular room. The activity ranges from shadowy images in mirrors, to quick glimpses of spirits moving about in the room, and even resting on the bed!

Historically, it is noted that a female passed away in the room of 311. The death, unfortunately, was not a natural one. While some will say that the lady committed suicide, others say that she was murdered by either a male customer or a male friend. Some will say that this female was a prostitute of her time, while others say that she was a lover of a man who promised to marry her and provide her with happiness, but never left his wife. Whatever the real story may be, it is determined that this female spirit is not fond of male visitors and seems to appear to female visitors as to seek out a friend to share her grief with…

If you are seeking out a haunted hotel that has a long history of exciting supernatural and paranormal events, the Read Hotel in Tennessee is the place to be! An avid ghost hunter will shoot for room 311, but it is very unlikely that the individual will make it through the night…. Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Read House Hotel.

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