The Ghostly Account of the Marshall House Hotel in Savannah, Georgia

The ghostly account of the Marshall House Hotel in Savannah, Georgia has been told over and over again by both the locals in the area, as well as the visitors to the area.

This immense structure was created and brought to life in the year of 1851. Naturally, this hotel is said to be the oldest in the area of Savannah. Today, the Marshall House Hotel in Savannah, Georgia still retains some of the original construction pieces such as the beautiful brick walls and glamorous staircase still remain. There have been many renovations, though, and this seems to have stirred the spirits that apparently reside in the hotel.

The Hauntings

There are a number of said hauntings at this beautiful hotel. Many believe that, based on the history of death that has occurred in the structure that spirits remain lurking around the structure. In its history, this structure has served as a hospital. It was set up as a place to treat the sick and wounded during the time of the Civil War. In addition to this, the infamous “yellow fever” broke out several times in the area. When this occurred, the hotel was once again converted into a hospital. During this time, several people died. To this day, many say that the spirits of the individuals still linger in the structure.

It seems that several spirits of children linger in the Marshall House. There have been times when people staying at the hotel and even those that work at the hotel have heard the laughs and playful voices of children within the building. Upon investigation, there were no children registered on the books, and there were no physical pieces of evidence that indicated children were present. Many claim that the echoes of children are a result of spiritual beings that reside in the structure.

In the hotel, there is a hallway as well as an area that is referred to as the “foyer”. Several individuals who have visited the home hotel have reported that they have seen paranormal activity in these locations. This includes spirits, as well as objects moving on their own.

Throughout the structure, many individuals have reported very unusual events that seem to be related to spirits that appear to be in the hotel. Examples include water turning on and off, lights powering themselves, and even electronic items powering themselves on and off. There is absolutely no explanation for these particular events, so they are accounted to the fact that there seem to be restless spirits in the room.

In the area of the fourth floor in the hotel, several have witnessed loud noises. They seem to sound like a crash of some sort. Upon inspection, there is absolutely nothing that could have made the noise, nor is there anything in the area to indicate that something has fallen. Many have reported that door knobs in the area even wiggle a little as if someone is attempting to open them.

As you can see from the information documented here, the Marshall House Hotel has quite a bit of unexplained phenomenon that occurs on a regular basis. You can choose to visit and tour the structure as well as around the structure, or you may make arrangements to actually stay within the hotel for a night, week, or however long that you want to. You may want to bring along a camera, a digital voice recorder, or even a digital camcorder. You may capture ghost pictures or ghost videos to document the experiences that you have in the haunted Marshall House Hotel! Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Marshall House.

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