The Cassadaga Hotel

Cassadaga Hotel

"Supernatural phenomena of various forms have plagued mankind since ancient times. "
~The Spirit Connection Back to Cassadaga

The Cassadaga Hotel is considered to be one of the best kept secrets of haunted Florida. The magnificent hotel that currently stands in Cassadaga Florida was constructed in the year of 1928. Prior to this, another building stood in its place that was constructed in the latter part of the 1800s. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the original building in the year of 1926. This beautiful establishment, despite numerous renovations and various types of modernizations, retains the same welcoming ambiance, mysterious appeal, and lavish elegance displayed in its earliest days of service. Containing an amazing forty rooms, this hotel sits on Cassadaga Road at the intersection of Stevens Street.

A Brief History of the Cassadaga Hotel

Cassadaga, Florida is a small, quaint town in the central region of Florida. This city has served as the home to the group identified as the “Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association” since the year of 1894. Amazingly, the overall appearance of this community still reflects that of its earliest days in history – which is considered to be quite impressive as most towns have transitioned significantly over the course of the past one hundred plus years. Deemed as “The Psychic Center of the World”, Cassadaga Florida was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the year of 1991. Home to approximately three hundred individuals, approximately one hundred of the residents are still considered Spiritualists. When visiting the Cassadaga Hotel, you will find distinguishing marks of spiritualism and the essence of the community in every direction that you explore.

In the earliest days of the newly built Cassadaga Hotel, the structure stood as a means of attracting and welcoming individuals that elected to participate in the many programs that were sponsored during the winter months in this area of haunted Florida. These programs were issued through the group that founded this quaint town, the “Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association”. It was not at all unusual for those that considered themselves to be Spiritualists or those interested in the mysterious appeal of Spiritualism to participate in these programs. Examples of the programs include workshops that covered topics related to basic Spiritualism and metaphysics, as well as seminars on topics related to Spiritualism. Today, the hotel remains to be a social hotspot in this little community, offering a place to dine called the “Lost in Time Café”, seminars, and even alternative healing services such as the “Crystal Healing Bed” and healing through Amethyst.

The Spirit of the Cassadaga Hotel

The spirit of the hotel that stands in Cassadaga Florida is a man that went by the name of Arthur in life. This individual is said to have been a friendly Irishman tenor that resided in room 22 on the second floor of the mysterious building. According to local stories, Arthur stayed in the structure in the 1930s. He often enjoyed placing a chair at the end of the second floor, near the window, so he could observe the outdoors. While relaxing in this location, he was known to smoke cigars that had a distinctive smell and consume his favorite alcoholic beverage, gin. At some point in the 1930s, it is said that Arthur died within the structure. Today, many guests and locals claim that Arthur still lingers in the immense structure. Many have caught s whiff of alcohol, while others smell the distinct smell of cigars. Many that have went to the end of the hall where Arthur sat have often felt his presence and many have even claimed that they feel as if someone is tapping them on the shoulder – despite the fact that there is no one physically present that could have done so. Many guests have captured orbs and other types of unexplained phenomenon that seems to be paranormal related through the means of film while staying at this popular haunted hotel.

Staying at the Haunted Cassadaga Hotel

If you are interested in exploring haunted Florida, you will likely enjoy your stay at this spectacular hotel in Cassadaga. The residents of the community welcome everyone from those that are interested in Spiritualism to those that are skeptical about their way of life. You may check in at the hotel from Sunday to Thursday from the times of 3pm and 6pm. On Friday and Saturday, the check in time runs from 3pm to 8pm. The standard checkout time for the Cassadaga Hotel is 11am. Standard rooms typically run from $55.00 to $80.00. Rooms for groups of up to four individuals typically run from $115.00 to $130.00. Rooms for groups that exceed four people and have up to six will be able to acquire accommodations for anywhere from $75.00 to $150.00. The hotel is located at 355 Cassadaga Road in Volusia County, Florida. You may call 386-228-2323 for more information. Check for the lowest price, get the directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Cassadaga Hotel.

Special Thanks:

We would like to offer a special thanks to the Tour Guide of Cassadaga, Florida, Daniel T. Haines. While visiting this wonderful city, Daniel took time to meet with us directly and Cassadaga Orb Toursprovide us with a massive amount of information pertaining to the city, the hauntings of the city, and Spiritualism. This friendly and extremely pleasant individual made us feel welcomed and put us at ease while researching the city. If you would like to learn about the haunted places in this quaint town, we urge you to go on Daniel’s Orb Tour. These tours are offered all week by appointment. No appointment is necessary if the tour is taken on Friday or Saturday evening. This is a walking tour that covers the history of the city and allows visitors the opportunity to capture the spirits of the town on film. Simply meet at the bookstore located at 1112 Stevens Street. For more information on this tour or to make an appointment to meet with Daniel T. Haines, call 386-228-2880.

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