A Real Haunted Castle:

The Nemacolin Castle

The Nemacolin Castle is a real haunted castle In Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

The name for this castle is derived from an individual who was Native American. This person helped the white settlers in their endeavor of moving across the west area. However, the structure was constructed by the Bowman family. While there are several rooms and passages within the castle that are quite interesting, what is even more interesting is the fact that there are several spirits that are said to linger in this haunted castle.

The Hauntings

Several visitors to the castle have taken ghost pictures that seem to indicate that a presence has been caught on film. While many fear these spirits, locals and employees of the mansion have stated that there is no reason to be frightened as it appears that these are friendly ghosts. There are believed to be approximately ten different ghosts, however, no one understands exactly where they originated from. There are many who believe that the castle may serve as a portal to the spiritual world, from the physical, however, many accounts have been made regarding the hauntings and it appears as if the same spirits haunt the location over and over again.

The hauntings at this castle are so strong that now the area hosts ghost tours that allow individuals to try to catch a glimpse of the friendly spirits that linger in the castle, and on the grounds of the castle. If you visit, and are interested in seeking out the spirits here, it is not unusual to smell cologne and perfume that cannot be explained lingering in the air, footsteps walking near you in which there is no one else presents, or even feel the hairs on your neck stand up. If you want to experience the hauntings of a real haunted castle, come to Brownsville, Pennsylvania today!

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Tour information:
100 Front St Brownsville, PA 15417-1933

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