Ghosts Stories From Pennsylvania

Here are some ghost stories from are readers in Pennsylvania. If you have a story to share with us, be sure to visit the Your Ghost Stories Page. We would love to hear from you!

(From Rich in Pittsburgh.)

One late afternoon in october 2009 my wife and I left Pittsburgh for a small trip to Brownsville PA. We went down for reasons that had nothing to do with Nemicolon Castle. In fact we only stopped by for the candlelight tour on the recomendation of a man we met at a diner we stopped at on rt 40. He said we had to see this beautiful castle and take the tour while we were here, so we did.

Nemicolon Castle has a very old and rich history as does all of Brownsville. This building dates back to the mid to late 1700's. Any way we did not know of its history of being haunted. I should preface this story by saying this is not the type of tour were people jump out at you or try to scare you delibertly its just a slow tour descibing the history of the castle and the family that lived there.

When we started the tour the tour guide had her own stories to tell of the place and being the skeptic that I am, I listened but did not believe her. I thought she was giving us our $7 worth. The tour starts out down stairs and winds its way through the rooms and eventually upstairs. I can't go into too much description now if you look it up online you can see what the house looks like. The tour guide is carrying a lantern with a candle in it and the whole house is very dimmly lit. Its dark. We were up stairs in the nursery {the most haunted room in the house we were told} and headed down a small hallway to a connecting bedroom. My wife and I were at the end of a 8 or 9 person tour and we couldn't fit into the bed room so we were standing in the threshold of the bedroom and the hall leading back to the nursery.

Something then happened that I can't explain. The only way I can desribe it is that I got the feeling someone was sneeking up on me. I heard a womans voice talking low, whispering, coming up the hallway and out of the corner of my eye I saw something. I can't describe it but it was moving. It startled me and I jerked to my right and at the same time my wife did too. It happened very fast. This thing was so close it should have been there when we turned on it but the hall was empty. I really expected to see another tour guide there but the hall was empty.

My wife started to scream and took off running, screaming as she tried to get through the other people and out of the room. I was close behind trying to catch her. At the sounds of my wife screaming other people started to scream even the tour guide. It was a situation were everyone was in a panic to get out of the room. I caught my wife out in the hall and was trying to settle her down, she kept saying '' I heard someone talking, I know you heard it too.'' I did hear it, it was a womens voice, it didn't seem angry, it was a low talking that was not understandable. Something was there. It was talking and it was close to us. The commotion sent a couple of tour guides up from down stairs. I kept telling my wife it was a prank, someone playing games. We both knew differently.

The tour guides said its not that kind of tour and that we were alone upstairs when it happened. I believe them because it was too real. It was close to us it should have been there when we turned on it. We finished the tour, I was in a weird kind of daze while what happened sunk in. I don't remember much of the rest of the tour. I was replaying everything over and over again in my head. I would not keep my back exposed again. I was freaking out and so was my wife. By the end of the tour we were so freaked out, my wife was crying. We left in a hurry.

I was a sort of/kind of believer in ghosts up to that night. I never considered myself a ghost fanatic and I certainly don't spend my time reading about them or looking for them, but I can honestly say what happened to us will be with us forever. It wasn't until we got home and after a couple of days I looked up Nemicolon Castle that I realized just how haunted this place is. This happened to my wife and I. Believe it or not. Check out this place if you can, look it up and read some of the stories. This place is for real.

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