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in Alton, Illinois

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Did you know that you can discover real ghosts in Alton, Illinois? Individuals who have visited this town have deemed it as one of the scariest places on Earth!

Fascinating ghost pictures, ghost videos, and even audio recordings have documented real ghosts in this spooky town. Several different locations within the town have been said to be haunted. This is one of the scariest places on Earth, simply because of the fact that it is considered to be a “ghost” town. There are several real haunted places in the town of Alton. Here, you will be introduced to several of them.

The McPike Mansion

The McPike Mansion is one of the real haunted places located in Alton, Illinois. You can find this spectacular spooky haunted house on Alby Street, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful homes in the region. There are a number of haunting tales that surround this particular structure. One of the rumors is that the spirit of a man by the name of Paul Laichinger continues to roam the inside of the structure, and even the yards that surround the structure. It is also believed that a lady by the name of Sarah resides in the home as a spirit. This lady served as a servant for a family that once lived here.

Many paranormal investigations have been conducted in the McPike Mansion and it is believed that the structure is definitely haunted. For example, ghost video has been captured in the area of the basement which indentified what seemed to be ghostly activity. Ghost pictures have also documented rods and orbs of strange light, mists, and other unexplained phenomenon. If you are interested in visiting real haunted places in Alton, the McPike Mansion is one location that should be experienced.

The Enos Sanatorium

The Enos Sanatorium is another one of the most famous real haunted places in Alton. This building originally started as an apartment building, and then was turned into a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients in the year of 1911. Originally, this location was an active area for slaves in the Underground Railroad. The slaves would often reside in the tunnels that were built below the home. It is believed that several slaves died shortly after their arrival to the mansion. This is what contributes to the hauntings that are said to be slaves. It is also believed that some of the hauntings can be contributed to the deaths that occurred when people could not survive tuberculosis. Many souls reside in the Enos Sanatorium. If you want to visit one of Alton’s real haunted places for your chance to see real ghosts, this should be on your to-do list.

The Confederate Prison

No ghost town would be complete without a local haunted prison. In Alton, that would be the old Confederate Prison. During the time of the Civil War, Alton was believed to be a dark, gloomy place. The Confederate Prison which stood at what is now the corner of William Street and Broadway Street. Hundreds of individuals who served and were captured during the time of this particular war met their death at this location. Many different complications arose and resulted in many men to pass away. Some men came down with devastating illnesses while others were tortured until they died. There were some who passed away due to suicide, and others that died naturally. Regardless of the cause of death, most of these men seem to still linger in the structure because of the fact that their souls cannot find peace.


When it comes to real haunted places, there are several located in the Alton region of Illinois that give you the chance to see real ghosts. The McPike Mansion, The Enos Sanatorium, and the Confederate Prison are among the most popular haunted places in the town. There are many, many others as well. These include:

• The Franklin House

• The Hartford Castle

• The Mansion House

• Hop Hollow Road

• Lewis and Clark College

• The First Unitarian Church

• And, many other locations!

In many areas of Alton, you can get your very own ghost tour of these popular haunted locations.

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