Haunted Mansion:

McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois


"If I were gonna haunt somebody, this would certainly be the house I'd do it in. "
House on Haunted Hill 1959

There are many haunting takes of the McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois. Once declared as “One of the most haunted small towns in America”, Alton, Illinois is especially popular for the McPike Mansion. This particular structure gives a new meaning to the phrase “haunted house”.

Originally constructed in the year of 1869 for the owner of Henry McPike, this home contains a large amount of supposed “haunts” that attracts paranormal investigators, those curious about the after life, and even the local residences of Alton. Here, you will learn about some of the haunted tales of this especially mysterious mansion.

The current owner of this particular haunted mansion, named Sharon Luedke, has had a number of haunting experiences. In one instance, she was performing some basic lawn care, and happened to notice a tall male standing at a window, peering out at her. When she observed a photograph of the late owner, Paul Laichinger, she noticed that the man that she saw at the window had the same clothes and appearance.

• The owners of the home have apparently experienced hugs and affection from one of the spirits that haunt the home. This is a lady by the name of Sarah Wells. In addition to the physical hugs, there is often a strong, overwhelming scent of lilac on the third floor of the McPike haunted mansion.

One particular group investigated the home, and explored the ever-popular wine cellar. One particular individual, a female, wanted to return to an upper level floor due to discomfort in the small space. The group had another lady that assisted the first. Within minutes, everyone could hear the second lady returning and observed the door being open – but to their surprise, there was no physical presence.

Many individuals have expressed the fact that they have heard the sound of children playing, laughing, and interacting in a social manner. Upon investigation, it was discovered that there were no children in the McPike Mansion when this was experienced.

One study of the home caught a mist that would move from room to room and then swirl around the guests. There was no rational explanation for this. This video actually made the news when it was released just for the simple fact that it could not be explained or debunked.

Many that have visited this haunted mansion have claimed that they have seen a number of individuals in and out of the home that did not even seem to notice them – it was as if they simply were still living!

There are a number of haunting tales when it comes to this haunted mansion, but it is often difficult to distinguish the truth from fiction. This is because, throughout the years, many teenagers and others have assumed that the house is haunted and would visit in an attempt to experience a paranormal sighting, to simply scare all of their friends. If you want to distinguish the truth from fiction, you should visit the McPike Mansion for yourself. To learn more, visit:

2018 Alby Street
Alton, Illinois

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