Haunted Places in South Carolina:

The Old City Jail

There are a number of haunted places in South Carolina, and the Old City Jail is one of them. The Old City Jail is located in Charleston, South Carolina. Constructed as early as 1738, it originated as an area where slaves served and individuals who were homeless could receive minimal medical care. In addition to this, several notorious criminals of the time were housed at the facility and severely punished for the crimes that they had committed. In the year of 1790, this structure served as a jail for offenders, as well as an asylum for the mentally challenged. Today, it is considered to be a haunted jail. Here, I will share with you the haunting tales of the Old City Jail, which is considered to be one of the most haunted places in South Carolina today.

The Haunting Tales of the Old City Jail

There are several haunting tales of the Old City Jail. When you consider the age of the structure, coupled with the harsh punishments, and the individuals who have stayed at this structure throughout time, it is no wonder that there is such a rich history of unexplained phenomenon and real ghost stories. The following represents some of the stories that have been told regarding the spirits that seem to roam around one of the most haunted places in South Carolina:

Throughout history, many individuals have claimed that they have seen the apparition of an African American male wandering aimlessly throughout the various halls that are within the building. This gentleman seems to be well worn by the appearance of the ragged clothing that he is seen wearing. He seems to walk slowly, as if he is very tired. It is believed that this is the spirit of a slave that once served on the property considering the attire that he is wearing. It is also believed that the spirit is more of a residual haunting, rather than an intelligent haunting, as he does not seem to be aware of the living, or his surroundings….

Individuals who work in the facility as tour guides and those that have visited the haunted prison to have a look around and learn about the history of the building have experienced numerous things that are completely unexplained. For many, the experiences have been physical. These individuals have been grabbed, pushed, and touched in a number of ways that do not seem pleasant or friendly at all. In addition to this, many have felt as if they were being watched, and some have complained of odors that make them actually feel quite ill. Documented cases of having shortness of breath and individuals feeling as if they are being choked have also been experienced by a number of employees and tourists to the location….

Ghost Tours

There are several different ghost tours offered to individuals who want to experience the paranormal phenomenon at the Old City Jail. You can take a tour that is offered through the “Georgetown Paranormal Society”. You can reach the tours by calling (843) 458-7045. The official “Ghost Hunts” are offered for groups up to ten, for the price of $800.00. However, if single tickets are purchased, the price is $100.00 each. This particular tour company requires at least four paying customers before they will do the official ghost hunt. There is another ghost tour company that offers small tours of the facility for relatively lower prices. One of the most popular tours is $22.00 and lasts for approximately forty-five minutes. This company is called “Bulldog Tours” and can be reached at (212) 209-3370. If you want to experience one of the most haunted places in South Carolina, the Old City Jail in Charleston is sure to be an experience that you will never forget!

The Haunted Jail Tour

If you dare, join a behind the scenes tour of The Old City Jail, which housed some of Charleston's most infamous criminals, 19th century pirates and Civil War prisoners. It is quite possibly the scariest place you will ever go.

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