My Visit to The Old City Jail Charleston S.C.


My story took place September 27,2013 at 8:45 pm Friday night.My oldest daughter wanted to go to Charleston for her 23rd birthday so off we went.Wanting to tour old plantations,I told her while we're there lets visit something haunted.Lorry, birthday girl 23, Lorrin her sister 18, and me her mother decided on THE OLD CITY JAIL.Going in open minded believing in the paranormal from experience but not really expecting anything to happen HERE.

We started on the 2nd floor.In the room Lavidia Fisher has been seen many times our tour guide was standing in the door when all of a sudden she bolts across the room saying a cold spot formed around her so of COURSE what do I do I bolt towards the cold spot and sure enough it was cold in the door way. As I stood by the door something tugged on my hair I shoved my youngest daughter in the spot to see if it would happen to her, it didn't. As I was standing in the door I heard heavy boot steps going down the stairs. I looked out but couldn't see anyone I saw that Lorry kept rubbing her legs she told me later that cold air kept swirling around her legs. We took pictures not knowing this at the time.When we checked the pictures we caught a gray mist around her legs, creepy right? We then went down stairs to a room where people have been scratched. The tour guide Paullette asked everyone to turn off their source of light to let us experience how dark it was for the prisoners. I moved towards the door. I slowly cracked the door to let in light from outside and immediately felt something touching my neck. I ran back across the room almost knocking my youngest daughter Lorrin over. My heart was beating, I felt nauseated, started sweating and was ready to leave. As we got outside my neck started burning. I had my girls look to see and had 3 red scratch marks on my neck. WOW I was shocked that something really happened to me. Scared the bajesus out of me.

So if you go to Charleston S.C. on vacation be sure to visit THE OLD CITY JAIL it truly is haunted.THANKS FOR READING MY STORY HOPE SOMETHING HAPPENS FOR YOU. HAVE FUN!!!!

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