The Haunted Tutbury Castle in England

The ever-popular Tutbury Castle in England is rumored to be one of the most haunted locations in all of Britain. Constructed in the early year of 1071, it has been established that the history of this location actually extends thousands and thousands of years into the past. Many believe approximately 10,000 years! It is no wonder that this castle is considered to be one of the most popular paranormal hot spots! There are quite a few spiritual beings that are said to reside at this haunted castle in England. Here, I will introduce you to the haunted Tutbury Castle, and some of the haunting tales that surround this castle.

The Hauntings

Perhaps one of the most popular spirits that are said to reside at this castle is the infamous Mary Queen of Scots. Elizabeth the first was said to have captured Mary a total of four times and imprisoned her here. Mary often expressed her dislike of being contained at the structure, which served as a prison at that time. Rumors have it that this lady has been seen numerous times throughout history. One tale puts her standing in the Great Hall area, near the window. This occurred late at night, just short of midnight. Then, there were a group of approximately forty different individuals who were touring and observed her standing among them in a white, flowing gown that seem to reflect those of her time.

The next story of a spirit that resides in the Tutbury Castle in England is that of a small boy. Several individuals who have observed this child believe that he is not a spirit, but a real child. One of the most common locations that he has been seen is that of the Great Hall, around the area of the stairs. He is said to be wearing a shirt that is white in color. Individuals have also seen lights that are blue in color and sparkle that they believe is the spirit of this young child. It is believed that this is a playful spirit that means no harm. However, because of the high energy associated with the paranormal, those that have come in close contact with the spirit of this child have stated that the batteries in their cameras have failed, and other electronic equipment has had complications.

The little boy in the Tutbury Castle in England seems to have a playmate to keep him company. There appears to be a young girl lingering throughout the castle as well as the boy. It is believed that the little girl’s name is “Ellie”. One of the most common places where people have come in contact with this particular child spirit is in the room of the King’s Bedroom in the castle. It is believed she is a child of about five to seven years old, who is very playful and curious. Individuals have claimed to have a small hand grab theirs, their rings removed, and several other similar experiences. Many who have claimed that they have experienced this ghost of this girl have not previously experienced a ghostly encounter, nor have they even believed in the paranormal.


There are quite a few spirits who are believed to reside in the Tutbury Castle in England. Here, you have been introduced to a few of the most popular ones. The castle is located at: Castle Street, Tutbury, Staffordshire, DE13 9JF. If you are interested in seeking out haunted places to go, and would enjoy experiencing a haunted castle firsthand, you may enjoy a stop at Tutbury Castle in Britain – home of the most spirits in the area!

Here is some video about the ghosts of the castle.

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