The Haunted Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon

The Shanghai Tunnels in Portland Oregon are said to be one of the most haunted places in America. In the earlier days of Oregon, starting in the year of 1850 and up until the year of around 1941, this city was known by several different names. One of the names often used to describe Portland was "Shanghai Capital of the World". Shanghaiing was one of the most common practices that occurred in the city in this period of time. This was the practice in which people were used as slaves to perform various types of work. The most common work included boarding ships and conducting work while the vessel moved across water. Since many of the boats headed to Shanghai, China, this is how the name got established. Here, you will learn more about the popular Shanghai Tunnels, as well as their hauntings.

Originally, the Shanghai Tunnels were an area for businesses such as bars, and restaurants to acquire their supplies that would come in from the water in the area. These tunnels typically connected to basements of the structures for the means of convenience. The individuals who practiced in shanghaiing eventually developed trap door systems that they would use when they were passing down the next victim. Typically, these were men who were given drugs and/or alcohol to subdue them. By the time that they woke up from the "state" they were in, they would be in a position where it was too late to go back. Several women were used too! Only it appears that the women were used for prostitution and if they were to age or even become pregnant, they would be murdered.

Naturally, Shanghaiing was not considered to be legal. It is believed that nearly two thousand individuals were taken during the time when this was popular. As a result of the emotional energy that took place in the tunnels, many different reports of paranormal activity have been reported in the popular, dark tunnels. Injury, drugs, disease, and other causes seemed to have resulted in hundreds of deaths in the tunnels themselves. Since this time, several people have reported strange, unusual phenomenon that seems to directly connect to the fact that there are actually spirits that reside in the complex system of tunnels, secret passages, and hidden trap doors.

Many individuals believe that a spirit of a woman by the name of Nina haunts the area that is just below the area of the pizza parlor called "Old Town Pizza". Locals state that this particular woman was once a known prostitute in the area and was sedated by drugs and then thrown down the area of the shaft of the elevator. It is believed that the fall resulted in her death. Many claim that they are able to smell her perfume, and that she is known to tug on the clothing of individuals who pass through the Shanghai Tunnels. Many have even claimed to have seen the apparition of Nina.

Many individuals who walk the tunnels in Portland have stated that they have heard moans, talking, screaming, and even the sound of crying. While it is believed that many of these sounds may be a result of the energy expelled in the area, and may be residual based hauntings, there are many who firmly believe that these are the sounds of truly intelligent hauntings. The opinion is carried that these intelligent hauntings realize that they have been trapped in the tunnels and because most do not know how they got into the tunnels to start with, they have a difficult time finding their way out.

If you are interested in touring the Shanghai Tunnels, there are guided tours that are now available. If you are interested in haunted places to go, you can call 1-503-622-4798, or go to NW Third Avenue in Portland Oregon to the numeric address of 120 in order to learn more.

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