The Haunted Schooner Hotel

"Twice awarded The Most Haunted Hotel in Great Britain by The Poltergeist Society"

The Schooner Hotel is an establishment that is known to be one of the most haunted hotels in and around the coast in Northumberland. While situated in the little village of Alnmouth, it is mostly associated with the City of Northumberland only because of the fact that it is more popular. It was in this region that a popular seaport once existed. The cargo usually shipped from the port was grain as well as coal. It is important to understand that this haunted hotel got its name from the Schooner ships that were common to the area. These water vessels were considered some of the fastest in the region and the most popular when it came to both fishing as well as trading. As a result, it often attracted the individuals that worked on these vessels. In this haunted travels guide, you will learn about the spirits that are said to haunt this hotel.

During the time when various crimes such as smuggling occurred in the Alnmouth area, the individual that officially founded the Methodist Church commented that the town was:

“…famous for its wickedness.”

This man’s name was John Wesley. Originally, the hotel served as a coaching inn. It was considered the official “Hub” of not only the 17th Century, but for an amazing three hundred long years. There are many individuals that have stayed at the haunted hotel throughout the course of its time being opened. Examples of those that have stayed at the hotel include the famous King George III and the famous author, Charles Dickens. Unfortunately, the hotel has not just seen a couple of famous names in its time. It has also witnessed many violent massacres, a large number of murders, and even its share of suicides. The colorful, yet violent past, is believed to be a large contributor to the haunted tales that surround the establishment.

The famous organization in Britain known as the “Poltergeist Society” has provided a special award to the Schooner Hotel based on the fact that so many ghosts are believed to haunt the structure. This award is known as “The Most Haunted Hotel in Great Britain”. It has been established that there are well over sixty individual ghosts contained in and around this haunted hotel. Over the course of the past few years, there have been a reported three thousand unique sightings associated with this particular hotel. Recently, the Poltergeist Society provided this hotel with a second award of being the most haunted in Britain.

One of the most popular ghost stories associated with this haunted hotel directly involves the room that is identified as “28”. Rumor has it that an entire family was murdered in this room, but very few details have been released about this crime. However, individuals that work at the establishment and those that have visited the hotel have claimed that they have heard loud screams, faint whispers, and other types of unexplained sounds in and around the room. Many also claim that a young male rides a tricycle in the area that is near to the room marked as “17”. Numerous other hauntings are said to occur at the hotel as well. Examples include dark shadows, unexplained knocks, and even many individuals experiencing physical complications. If you want to experience perhaps one of the world’s most haunted hotels, you should visit the Schooner Hotel today. Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Schooner Hotel!

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