Paranormal Activity at the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts

There have been documented accounts of paranormal activity at the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts all throughout the history of this structure. It is believed that the three story structure that is designed in a Victorian style architecture still houses the residents who have long since passed from the physical world into the spiritual world. Today, this is the headquarters for the “Berkshire Paranormal Group”. Here, you will be introduced to some of the paranormal activity that has been experienced in the Houghton Mansion.

The Tragic Accident

In the early years of the 1900’s, this spectacular mansion served as a home to the first mayor of the North Adams area, Albert Houghton. Mr. Houghton’s family also stayed in the home with him. A spectacular amount of tragedy struck this family starting in the year of 1914 when the chauffer was driving several members of the family to the Vermont area. The members of the family who were in the vehicle were Albert, and Mary, who was his daughter. A family friend by the name of Sybil was also in the vehicle.

When the driver reacted to avoid a work crew, the vehicle rolled over an embankment and killed the family friend instantly. Mary was pulled from the scene and taken to a local hospital, but died on the way there. Albert and the driver only experienced minor complications. Unfortunately, the driver was found dead the next morning due to suicide near the mansion, in a barn. In just over a week after the driver was found to have shot himself, Albert died as well. This resulted in ownership being turned over to a family by the name of “Mason” a short time later. This family established a Masonic Temple there, and still remains in a newer area of the mansion.


Many hauntings have been reported at the Houghton Mansion. When the Travel Channel investigated the reports, they deemed this structure as one of the “scariest places on Earth”. Several different types of paranormal activity has been said to occur at this location. The following represents some of these accounts:

One of the most common experiences when it comes to the Houghton Mansion is the fact that lights and electrical appliances seem to turn on and off by themselves with no apparent cause.

There are several footfalls heard throughout the structure. While some of these are quite light, like those of a child, others reflect that of an adult.

Many have claimed that they have been touched by an unknown presence in the area of the basement.

Several have reported that they can hear a female voice whispering and talking both in the mansion, and on the grounds where the mansion lies.

Knocks and bangs throughout the haunted Houghton mansion have also been reported.

Here is some video of the mansion

If you are interested in visiting the Houghton Mansion to experience paranormal activity for yourself, there are tours available to the public. " onclick="return FIX.track(this);">If you are interested in visiting the Houghton Mansion to experience paranormal activity for yourself, there are tours available to the public.

Houghton Mansion
172 Church
North Adams Ma.
(413) 652-7989

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