The Hauntings of the Ottawa Jail Hostel

Ottawa Jail Hostel

There are several hauntings associated with the Ottawa Jail Hostel located in the city of Ottawa located in Canada. This particular structure was established in the 1860s. The opening of the jail marked the point in history in which the criminal justice system established the fact that reformation should be the main focus when it came to prisoners that were held for various crimes. It was established that individuals who were isolated from society in order to serve time should have a right to safety, as well as tools and resources that could successfully reform them so that they could be returned to society. What now serves as the Ottawa Jail Hostel once served as a reformation prison that was said to provide safe housing to the criminals of the area.

As nice as safe housing and the reformation of prisoner’s sounds, individuals that were sentenced to the Ottawa Jail in Canada discovered it was far from being considered “luxurious”. For the outsider, it was believed that the establishment was one that was dedicated to ensuring prisoner safety and devoted countless hours to reforming the criminals housed in it, but to the insider, it was an overcrowded and devastatingly frightful location. The actual cells in which the inmates were housed were extremely small and very unsanitary. All too often, they would sit in them, day after day, doing absolutely nothing to pass time and would suffer from the extreme weather conditions as there was no heating or air conditioning. As a matter of fact, there were no bathroom facilities in the cells either.

While the prison closed its doors in the year of 1972, to date, it is believed to be one of the most haunted structures in all of Canada. Many men and women and even children were tortured and punished in the prison while it served as a corrective establishment. The typical day did not include seeing the light of day, eating very much, or even the opportunity for a shower. Filth, darkness, starvation, and sickness were a common occurrence. The energy that surrounded these devastating circumstances is said to be felt – even today. If you are seeking haunted places to go, it is very likely that you will experience the devastation that was commonly felt among prisoners many decades ago to this day.

Ottawa Jail HallwayAn area of the Ottawa Jail Hostel is rumored to be extremely haunted and carry an enormous amount of negative energy. This area is referred to as “The Hole”. It was the area that was used to treat individuals in solitary confinement. When people were placed in this particular area, it was said that they were stripped of not only the small amount of social interaction that they experienced in the prison, but also of their clothing. It was then that they were placed nude in the shackles that were chained to the wall. When the door shut on these individuals, it also shut on the small amount of light in the prison, leaving them to experience immense darkness and solitude. Each day, they were permitted to eat and use the restroom, which was a small bucket placed in the room. Today, individuals that enter the room can feel a strange, ominous energy that seems to engulf them.

Many prisoners met their death while staying in the Ottawa Jail. When individuals died within the prison, they were often burned and buried in a makeshift graveyard that was located in the back of the establishment. There was also a “Death Row” in which many feel is haunted by several spirits that were put to death there. One example of a spirit that is considered to lurk among this area is a male who went by the name of “Patrick James Whelan” in life. Many have said that they have seen his full apparition writing, wandering in the area, and walking towards the area that was considered to be the “gallows” when this structure served as a prison.

Many guests to the Ottawa Jail Hostel have claimed to have heard the sounds of crying and screaming. These sounds reflect that of children as well as that of women. If you visit this haunted Canadian hotel, you are likely to hear this sounds in the area that is considered to be the “Lounge”. The reason this is the most common area is that this was actually the area where prisoners who were women and children were placed. In addition to this, there are spirits who have been deemed as “violent” towards certain individuals who have visited the structure. If you would like to try your hand in dealing with the aggressive spirits on your stay, visit the “stairwell”. If you want to experience true hauntings, the Ottawa Jail Hostel may be the right place for you! Check for the lowest price, get directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Ottawa Jail Hostel.

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