The Otesaga Hotel

A Haunted New York Hotel

"I have never met a ghost that wasn't more likable than the average man."
~Stuart Macfarlane

The Otesaga Hotel was built in the early 1900s on Otesaga Lake's southern shore in a small village called Cooperstown within the State of New York. The meaning of the word "otesaga" is "a place of meetings" and comes from the language of the Iroquois Indians who were originally from upstate New York. This beautiful large resort hotel has one hundred and thirty five rooms and is a member of the "Historic Hotels of America" program. One interesting fact about this hotel is that it has remained under the same ownership since it was built in 1909. While this hotel has an excellent reputation as being one of the best places to stay when visiting Cooperstown, it also has another reputation as being that of one of the most haunted hotels in New York.

The Third and Fifth Floor

Both the staff and guests who have stayed at the Otesaga Hotel have reported many unusual experiences in the hotel which suggest that the presence of multiple spirits may reside within the structure. These experiences include guests staying on the fifth floor of the hotel reporting the sounds of children running through the hallway to the front desk even though no children were present in the hotel at that time. Another common experience among guests staying on the fifth floor is hearing what sounds like furniture being moved or slid across the floor above them. When they inquire about this activity on the floor above them, they are informed that a sixth floor does not exist and that there is not even an attic but only the roof above them.

Another occurrence that was reported by a guest staying in one of the fifth floor rooms is that he observed a figure moving down the hallway that appeared to suddenly dissipate as he as came closer to it. The third floor of this hotel has also had several reports by individuals of what seem to be paranormal occurrences. These include one guest seeing what appeared to be part of an apparition out of the corner of her eye that disappeared into the bath area of her room and another who claims to have heard the sounds of moaning or crying during the night that concerned her to the point where a staff member was called to check on the sound. The location where the sound appeared to be coming from turned out to be a linen supply closet and no apparent source for these sounds could be found.

Ghost Hunters at the Otesaga Hotel

TAPS – “The Atlantic Paranormal Society” - investigated the Otesaga Hotel while there were no guests present with the original episode of this investigation airing on their television show “Ghost Hunters” on the 25th of August in 2010. The team focused on the areas of the hotel that seemed to generate the majority of the reports of paranormal activity which included the fifth floor hallway of the hotel as well as rooms 585 and 307. TAPS managed to capture a couple of EVP’s and also saw and heard many of the same things guests and staff members alike have reported.

While the team concluded that the evidence backs up the claims of paranormal activity within the hotel, they also assured everyone that there is likely nothing to fear from these permanent guests as they are basically just revisiting the place they may have once enjoyed when they were alive. If you have an interest in staying at a haunted New York hotel, the Otesaga Hotel seems like it would make an excellent choice. Get the directions, view photos, and read the reviews and traveler tips for the Otesaga Resort Hotel.

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