The Ghosts of the Old Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury, Vermont

There are many ghosts associated with the Old Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury, Vermont. The actual town of Waterbury was established in the year of 1763. By the year of 1780, a settlement was officially established. The original settlers were from many places, but most came in from Connecticut. There was a town in the State of Connecticut named Waterbury, and the settlers decided to name this town by the same name. In the year of 1826, a man by the name of Dan Carpenter decided to build the Old Stagecoach Inn. This man served as the town’s first lawyer and later developed into the judge of the town. In this haunted travel guide, you will be introduced to the history and the ghosts of the Old Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury, Vermont.

The Old Stagecoach Inn was a very prominent place in the town at the time in which it opened. Travelers would often reside at the inn while working their way to neighboring cities and states. They would park their horses outside, and go into the large structure to rest and socialize with other travelers. In addition to this, the local town’s people would hold social gatherings and important meetings at the location. It was during this time that there was a movement against the movement of the Masonic Orders. When the inn was opened, a local order of the Masonic Movement by the name of “King David Lodge” would actually use a room at the back of the Old Stagecoach Inn in order to have their “secret” meetings.

Until the year of 1848, this inn served as the main hotel for travelers and locals. It was in this year that the popular railroad arrived. Now, more and more people were traveling for leisure, in addition to trade and basic commerce reasons. It was at this time that large resorts started to be built in the mountains and visitors found these more appealing than the inn that had always stood. There were still guests and locals that were loyal to the inn, though. Eventually, a family by the name of “Henry” acquired possession of the inn. This was a socially adept family with a large fortune. They allowed individuals to actually live at the end, or simply stay for short periods of time. Margaret Annette Henry actually transformed the overall appearance of the structure and made it “Victorian” in order to make it more attractive to potential customers.

Margaret Annette Henry eventually named a man by the name of Albert Spencer. She was not one that was ideally accepted into high society. However, she sat on millions in estate and money, so she was considered a valuable aspect to the town of Waterbury. In the year of 1907, Albert passed away and “Nettie” as she was so called was left as a widow. It was at this time that the Old Stagecoach Inn was shut down to the public and turned into her home. She lived for nearly one hundred years, and then was placed in a nursing home because of the fact that she needed continuous care. In the year of 1947, Margaret Spencer finally died.

Once she passed away, her body was laid to rest in a cemetery that sat near the home that she so loved. She was placed in an actual mausoleum there. However, the spirit of the Spencer woman just would not die. It is said that her spirit still haunts the Old Stagecoach Inn, and has been seen in and around the establishment. Several strange stories have emerged from visitors to the haunted inn. Many claim that the spirit of Ms. Spencer seems to be a bit playful and enjoys simply “spooking” people, but not in a way that is harmful. The paranormal events seem to reflect the personality that Ms. Spencer had in real life. Examples include making a rocking chair move, and then simply making it stop. Housekeepers have witnessed sheets and other types of bedding removed from areas that they just tidied up and similar events. Activity seems to be high in the room where Ms. Spencer slept, today known as “room 2”.

Several paranormal investigators have actually reviewed the building with an assortment of different types of ghost hunting equipment. It has been discovered that there is a very high energy level in the home, and several traces of evidence has been acquired, such as ghost pictures and unusual ghost videos that indicate a strong presence. If you are seeking out haunted places to go in Vermont, be sure to stop and visit the Old Stagecoach Inn! Get directions, view photos and read the visitor reviews and traveler tips for the Old Stagecoach Inn.

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