The Most Haunted Mansion in Sullivan, Missouri

The Harney Mansion is considered to be the most haunted mansion in Sullivan, Missouri.

This home was constructed in the year of 1872 by a man named General William Harney. This served as a home for the summers for Harney from the year it was finished in 1872 to the year of 1884. Harney was a military figure that was well respected in the United States. He served in the Civil War. However, he also did several other things that made him a notable figure. For example, he fought in the Seminole War that took place in Florida, and he also defeated the Sioux Indians. Here, you will learn about Harney’s haunted mansion.

The Hauntings

William Harney eventually sold his magnificent mansion and moved on to Florida. The home changed hands several times, and in the process it experienced some structural damage and by the time it was purchased in the 1990’s, it needed renovated in a serious way. Once the renovations started, many different types of unexplained phenomenon started to occur. The following outlines some of the paranormal activity that has occurred in this structure:

1. There have been several different types of glowing lights that have been seen in the mansion. These lights have been seen from a distance in windows, up close and personal as mists, orbs, and more. Numerous ghost videos and ghost pictures have been captured on ghost tours that have taken place in the building as documentation of the lights.

2. Many individuals who have worked within the structure and those who have toured the home have been subjected to strange and unusual smells that have no basis. These smells include that of a lilac like smell, as well as tobacco – as if it is burning from a pipe.

3. There are several people who feel as if they have been touched in one way or another by an unseen presence. This is often very frightening, but the touches do not seem to be invasive in any way at all. They actually seem to be rather friendly.

4. Apparitions of male and female spirits have also been observed in the haunted mansion. These apparitions seem to be strong, and glowing. In some instances, they acknowledge the living, and in other instances, they seem to be more “residual” in basis.

5. Noises have been documented throughout the structure. These noises sound like people walking, items moving, and even swift breezes have been documented by several.

If you would like to experience the spirits that walk among the most haunted mansion that belonged to William Harney, you can find out more information by sending an email to: or contacting:

Friends of General Harney House, Inc
P.O. Box 398
Sullivan, Missouri 63080

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